Once upon a time there were two sisters. One of them was married to a poor man, and the other one was married to a rich man, but she was malevolent and despised her poor sister so much that she didn’t consider her a sister at all.

But there came the time when they both were pregnant. The husband of the first, who was poor, took his wife to give birth in a place where they could take care of her, even though it was a couple hours away. The woman gave birth to a girl at midnight. The same night, the rich sister gave birth to a girl too. The fairies came on the third day to determine the fate of the poor girl, and when they were speaking words to each other, the baby’s mother was secretly listening to them. The first fairy said:

- I will do that when they dress her hair, diamonds flow out of it.

The second fairy said:

- I will do that when she cries, pearls flow from the eyes.

And the third fairy said:

- I will do that when she laughs, a rose bloom on her face and when she grows up, she gets married to the prince.

That’s all the fairies said and the poor woman went home with her daughter. Walking in the street, she met the prince. When he saw the girl in the cradle with her faces full of pearls coming from the crying eyes, he liked her so much that he asked her mother to take the girl and marry her. But the woman said:

This girl that you’re looking at, with pearls coming out of her eyes, hair full of diamonds, and the face full of roses, has been promised to the prince.

Then he said:

- I am the son of the king, madam.

The woman saw him surprised and replied:

- If you are the prince, I will give you my daughter, your Majesty.

Prince then pulled the ring from his finger and gave it to the woman as a sign of a given word. When she arrived home, she told to everyone that she had given birth to a brilliant girl, which would be the wife of the prince. When the other sister heard these words, she went to her poor sister's house to felicitate her, although she had never been there before. The girl grew up, and it was time to take her to her husband, but the evil sister went to their house and said:

- Come with me and we both will take her to the prince’s palace.

So both sisters set off together with their daughters. When they got near a village, the rich sister took out some money and told the other sister:

- Go buy something to eat, and don’t worry about the girls, I’ll take care of them.

She trusted her sister, and left her daughter with her and went to the village. When the evil sister saw that she had gone, she took her sister's daughter, and took her eyes out and threw them in the garbage. While she took her eyes and kept them in her bosom.

When her sister came back, she said:

- Your daughter was furious, and she ran right to the mountain. So I followed her but I was tired, so I could not reach her.

Poor woman trusted her and began to cry while the evil sister faked she felt sorry too. After crying constantly, the woman pulled herself and told her sister:

- Now we have no reason to go to the prince, let’s go back to the village.

But the evil sister said:

- Why should we turn back? Here is my daughter, let’s take to the prince.

And that’s what they did, they took the way again until they arrived at the king’s town. As soon as they got there, the evil woman put her sister to watch the geese sister, while she lived so happily at the palace .A villager who was passing nearby saw the poor girl in the garbage, and when he approached he noticed that diamonds were flowing from the girl's hair, so he took her home where he gave her to eat and he took care of her as if she were his daughter. The farmer and his wife were very kind to her. She was so happy, that she laughed one day and a fresh rose bloomed on her face. At first they were very surprised but then rejoiced and the woman said to her husband:

Take this rose, go to town and send it to the royal palace. Don’t sell it for money but exchange it with human eyes.

And he did what his wife told him to do, so he  went to town with the rose shining like sunlight, then the news were spread and the evil woman knew it, so she went quickly to make a deal with the peasant, she gave one of the eyes she had in her bosom to take the rose. The woman instantly went to the prince and showed him that, together with the pearls which she had saved from the girl's tears. Even though she told so many lies to convince the prince marry her daughter, he was not deceived because he remembered that he had given the ring to his mother-in-law and he had promised to take only her daughter as his wife.

While the farmer, he went home as soon as got the eye and put it and gave it to the girl. The girl was so excited when she saw the light, she laughed and another rose as beautiful as the first one bloomed on her face. Then his wife sent him back to the palace to exchange that with a human eye as he did before. And once again he met the woman which gave him the other eye. Then he ran back home and gave the other eye to the girl. The farmed and his wife, looking at this very special girl, thought the only one that could marry her was the prince. So they immediately took her and went to the palace. The prince saw the girl and he immediately recognized and remembered that he had given the ring to her mother. Then he gave order to take her mother away from the geese and bring her into the palace. Then he married the poor girl, but did not forget to reward the farmer and his wife, who took care of the girl in the most difficult moments. And he gave order to kill the evil woman. Then they lived a happy life.