Denis: What the hell are we doing boss?! We must choose now!

Arber: I have decided already...we’ll transform! Otherwise they will kill us and they will kill the girls later!

Denis: I knew they would find out one day but I dint want it to happen like this, I’d like us to tell the girls by ourselves!

Number 2: So you decided to fight, didn’t you? We can’t wait all day long for you to get ready.

Number 1: Hurry up because we want you to be in equal conditions.

Blerim: "Now they can’t go anywhere, they should transform! And they would better do it as fast as they can...only the girls are present, there is nobody else!"

Denis: It shouldn’t happen like this but as I see we have to do the transformation.

Arber: I understand you very well bro...are you ready to reveal you identity now?

Denis: If there’s no other choice...let’s begin the show then...

To be continued...