Number 2: So guys, did you miss us?

Denis: Who are you, what do you want from us?

Number 2: Why do you act like you don’t know us, did you forget that fast about us?

Arber: We don’t know you, and we don’t know what you want!

Number 1: You remember us very well, it hasn’t been so long since the last time we’ve met.

Arber: I don’t remember meeting you at all...Denis, are they your friends?

Denis: As I recall they are not, I deal with normal people only.

Number 2: I don’t want to reveal your identity because your friends don’t know who you are.

Denis: I don’t know what you are talking about!

Elena: ...I don’t understand but they know something for sure, I don’t think they are confounding people!

Alice: What are you talking about?! Are you saying that guys hide something from us?!

Elena: It seems strange that they may confound people like that and they know them so well and have a reason for doing this attack!

Sara: Now that I am thinking more about it...there is something in here because those guys seem so serious and certain about what they are talking about...!