Elena: ...oh God, what is happening here?!

Sara: Who are they?!

Alice: ...what do they want from us?!

Arber: "...they just made an extraordinary entry again..."

Sara: I don’t like that, girls!

Arber: Let me fix those arrogant guys.

Denis: Wait Arber, don’t you transform!

Arber: What are you saying? Why?!

Denis: Because the girls are here, did you forget?

Arber: Yes, I forgot...but what the hell are we doing?! If we don’t transform they will break us into pieces...!

Blerim: "We are in a really bad situation...I will do whatever you guys decide to do!"

Sara: I don’t understand what they are trying to do?! We are just normal folks...!

Alice: They should be somewhere else, I guess they are the Chosen Ones’ opponents and they can’t find them so they want to torture us!

Elena: You watch too many movies girl… but maybe you’re right!