Arber: You’re on time girls, the show just began...hope you like it.

Alice: Of course we there anything new?

Arber: Nothing at all...Denis and I were attacked by two men of iron armory, we tried our best but we couldn’t stop them.

Denis: What are you saying, you fool? Shut up!

Alice: Yeah yeah, who was the star in the movie?

Denis: You’re out of your mind buddy, you’re so down!

Arber: Take it easy Denis, I knew they would believe that.

Denis: I know, but we’d better not create doubtful situations here...

Blerim: Can we keep the movies for later and begin the play now?

Arber: Are you right Blerim... hit the ball, we’re ready.

Denis: this is mine...

Arber: can’t fantasize so much’s mine now...