Number 1: almost died, you even have the courage to make jokes.

Arber: I know I make to many jokes but I was serious this time!

Number 1: I have no doubts about us Number 1 and Number 2.

Denis: Go find another name buddy, I am the Number 1 here.

Number 1: You like it or not, it’s my name.

Denis: You went behind my back, and you’ll regret this.

Number 2: Here’s another joke, I ‘m starting to like them...

Blerim: Alright guys, you had some fun with each-other. Leave them to me, I will deal with them. You’d better relax.

Denis: No Blerim, I’m sorry but this is a personal situation and you have to wait for a while.

Blerim: Damn it, I knew you’d say that. I hope there will come two other more to have some got bored just looking at this...

Arber: Don’t worry buddy, wait a little bit more till we give them a good lesson , then we’ll leave you play with them...