Denis: I am coming buddy, get ready...

Arber: Get ready because I’ve prepared something great...

Denis: ...heh... boss you’re so unpredictable...

Blerim: "...they aren’t so bad,  I wonder if I am as fast as them...let’s see if I will win this round, I have to study a little bit the situation..."

Denis: Well well, you’ve become such a strong man.

Arber: You’ve gone so far, don’t you do training by yourself except the time we train together?

Denis: That’s what I wanted to ask you.

Arber: But I asked you first, you didn’t answer.

Denis: You’re right, do some training by yourself secretly. If you don’t like this you can leave.

Arber: Are you kidding? I am so glad that you exercise more than needed...let’s see what you’ve learned.