Blerim:’s been 6 months, isn’t it? Time flies!

Denis: I agree... we faced death right here, Zed made me see the paradise  open-eyed!

Arber: Skeleton, Devil and Zed...they were really fair and frightening opponents!

Denis: I am glad that luck was on our side.

Arber: You’re right, luck was on our side...alright, but that’s water under the bridge...who wants to fight with me? It’s Sun or Moon?

Denis: If you’re looking for trouble, I am ready for you.

Arber: Oh please don’t hurt me, you’re even bigger than me.

Denis: Keep joking, but I will shut your mouth in two seconds.

Arber: Am I wrong if I think this was a threaten?

Denis: Say whatever you want, it won’t change anything...

Blerim: Pugh...we knew they would train both together and would leave me alone...I am going to train myself, if anyone wins the battle just let me know...mmm I guess I am talking to myself, they aren’t even listening to me...