Arber: " last things are going so great, just as I’ve always wanted... even though I know this won’t last for too long..."

Denis: No, I don’t agree, you are so wrong.

Blerim: You are wrong, because I saw it on TV too.

Denis: TV doesn’t even know what it says buddy.

Blerim: Alright, however you never change your mind, you always want to win.

Denis: You finally got it...

Arber: Get off the way girls, your boss is coming...

Denis: Where the hell were you? We’ve been here for half an hour waiting for you.

Arber: Sorry guys, I was late because of Alice. You know how these things work.

Blerim: We know that, we are in the same situation but as you see we are on time.

Arber: Hey, what is it with you today? You look so mad.

Blerim: It is  Denis’ fault!

Arber: I guess so, that is my only problem...are you ready for the training?