Elvis: We could stop the civil war that happened five years ago because of this experiment, if I hadn’t invented this medicine the whole country would be in a chaos right now...we could stop the catastrophe only with the super soldiers. Ron was their captain.

Daniel: That’s why that guy called you captain before? What has he to do with you?

Ron: It’s a long story, I will tell you one day.

Elvis: Ilir was part of the super army, he has been under Ron’s command. He decided to leave the army after the civil war ended.

Alvi: Why did you bring us here? Are we having a training or something?

Elvis: I brought you here to tell you the truth and especially to see how your bodies are reacting ...I want to do some analyses to your body, who wants to start it first can go to that glassy room right there.

Daniel: Alright, I am going first...

Alvi: ...how is it?

Elvis: ...great...alright Daniel, you can leave. Who’s next?

To be continued...