Max: They have kicked you very badly.

Ilir: I have torn the sweatshirt sleeve by myself , to give proof to the boys.

Max: Do we have anything new interesting?

Ilir: I had a fight with Ron...he had changed a lot.

Besmir: How did it go with the boys? Did you hurt them?

Ilir: Don’t worry buddy, I did nothing because the captain came and rescued them.

Elvis: I know you think that we are using you but that’s not it. Some have taken this as a blessing but the others think of it as a curse...some of the soldiers died because they  strained themselves very much, but this won’t happen with you because your body is perfect about this and first of all, you don’t have to strain yourself.

Tony: If this makes me stronger than anyone I don’t mind it, I agree with this experiment.

Gary: I would like you to have asked me before me, however we can’t go back now and erase what happened!