A month later

Daniel: I don’t know how you feel but my left arm still burns.

Alvi: I feel the same, it’s even getting bigger!

Daniel: I don’t like this thing at all!

Alvi: I think we should go to the doctor, how do you think? We should have made a visit long before!

Daniel: Good you thought about it, because the doctor told me to call her if I would have a problem!

Alvi: You’re right, that’s what she said to me too!

Daniel: There’s something weird in this Alvi, we must find what it is and understand what is going on!

Elvis: Things are moving slowly, we’ll see something very interesting soon...what is it Ron?

Ron: ...I feel something very powerful moving!

Elvis: Do you think it’s them?

Roni: ...I don’t know, but I’ll go and see, that’s something wrong in here...!