Daniel: Is everything okay Alvi?

Alvi: Yes, I was angry from days and finally I am calm.

Daniel: What was that explosion? I was talking with your friend and I lost that part.

Alvi: I was very angry, that’s it...but I know what the most bizarre thing is...I was feeling like my right arm was burning too, like you explained me that day!

Daniel: Really? Is there where they injected you the needle, isn’t it?

Alvi: Yes, I was injected in the right arm.

Daniel: I was injected in the left one...but I don’t like this at all...how come we have the same feeling at the same place where we were injected?!

Alvi: ...you are right...strange!

Daniel: Mom, we came home. What do we have for dinner?

Albana: Come here, the dinner is ready. Alvi, what has happened to your face...Daniel, what did you do this time?

Daniel: ...I will stay unfed today!

Alvi: This isn’t Daniel’s fault aunty, I swear.

Albana: Don’t you defend him, I know he has had a fight and you had trouble too.

Daniel: Oh God, here it goes...!

To be continued...