Alvi: Let’s see how it will end...

Toni: I know the end...

Geri: Ehhh, this won’t have a good ending...

Alvi: ...what is it buddy, do you have problems at aiming?

Toni: ... what is it buddy, do you have problems at warding off?

Daniel: Uph we’ll have to hear mom now, she’ll get angry when she sees Alvi with scares in his faces!

Geri: Don’t worry buddy, I know Alvi for a long time and he knows how to get away of troubles.

Daniel: Where did you meet Alvi?

Geri: We have played football very often, since the first time we met we were cool with each-other...I can say that he is my best friend.

Daniel: Really? That’s how you greet when you meet each-other?