Toni: Here they are, they are coming.

Geri: Are you sure that you want to do this thing?

Toni: I have decided and won’t get back, stop talking about this.

Alvi: Oh look who has come, hi Geri? How are you?

Geri: Good, we were having a walk. This is my friend Toni.

Alvi: Nice to meet you. This is my cousin Daniel.

Toni: So you are the notorious Daniel that kicked six guys at our school?

Daniel: No, it’s just a legend buddy.

Toni: No one can just invent it, that’s why I am here...I am one of the strongest guys in my school and I want to have a fight with you...I challenge you...

Alvi: ...what? Wait a minute, what is going on here? Geri?!

Geri: Ehhh don’t tell me anything, this is crazy!