General: Ron, what is going on with the other guys? How are they going?

Roni: They are moving on general, they are changing slowly.

General: The situation will be difficult to control after a while.

Roni: I know, but I hope that things will change gradually and at once.

General: I doubt about this but we’ll have time to see...we must be careful while monitoring them.

Elona: Emma, how are you? How are the things going with the experiment? Is there any news?

Emma: Till now there is nothing abnormal...I don’t know why but I feel something is going different!

Elona: What are you saying?

Emma: ...Elvis has been a little unconcentrated these days, in fact he has been worried!

Elona: But he has been very exact with the project, will there be a problem with it or not?!

Emma: He had thought about everything, but it was before the experiment...he has told nothing to me but I have my doubts! Their metabolism is changing very fast and they might all get out of control...

Elona: I hope these are just doubts but if you are saying it and you stay with him all the time, it means that you have seen something...!