Amanda: Stop it guys, as you see they know they have done too much wrong this time and that’s why they haven’t come to school.

Daniel: We aren’t done here, they can’t do something like that to us and go easy with it.

Alvi: They will get a great lesson they will never forget.

Amanda: ...I know you won’t do it for the fight you had but because they kidnapped me and Alba.

Alba: What?! Really?!

Daniel: Surely not, you have such an uncontrolled fantasy.

Alvi: How do you think like that?!

Amanda:’re so good...but you shouldn’t fight with them for us.

Alba: They did nothing to us, you were the ones who got hurt the most...however thanks, you are so nice...

Daniel: We aren’t doing that for you but about ourselves, we were beat up!

Amanda: I know you very well, so don’t begin to tell us stories...