Amanda: ...guys, why are you walking so fast? Slow down because I can’t follow you!

Daniel: I can’t wait to watch those two bastards and tear them to pieces.

Amanda: What? Are you talking about John and Donald? They have understood they have been wrong and I am sure they won’t bother us anymore!

Alvi: They did the same thing once and they understood it...If we let them escape this time we don’t know what they can do later!

Amanda: Alvi, do you think the same?! I expected you to think different!

Alvi: I am tired of being quiet, I have never earned anything trying to understand the others...

Daniel: They have passed the limits this time and they will pay for this...

Elvis: "...the results of these boys have overpassed the predictions...if it goes on like this we will have many surprises...!"

Emma: Elvis, how is the experiment going? Do we have any news?

Elvis: We have new things but I can’t give you a final answer right now, I need some time...