Daniel: now it’s your turn, craps...where did John and Donald go?!

Alba: he cowards ran away when they saw you would beat them so hard...

Daniel: I will kick them, this time they won’t escape...Alvi...brother, how are you?

Alvi: ...what happened? Where are those boys?

Alba: Daniel kicked all their asses...

Alvi: ...I am so sorry that I left you Daniel, but I couldn’t bear it anymore...!

Daniel: What are you doing?! The only fear I had was that I wouldn’t see you anymore when I saw you lying on the ground!

General: Doctor, did you see the show?

Elvis: Were you part of this plan too? Tell me the truth.

General: No doctor, I don’t deal with small things.

Ron: "...this was unbelievable, he beat the other six boys without even trying...and it has been only a month since the day he has been pricked with the needle!"

To be continued...