Alice: Ah, the time isn’t moving at all!

Sara: Why don’t you go to sleep, you don’t look okay today?

Alice: I am not a chicken to fall asleep so early?

Sara: That’s how you seem to me.

Elena: ...I didn’t hear anything!

Alice: What did you say?!

Sara: Lol I was just joking, don’t get mad...I’m sorry!

Moon: I guess we should end this thing guys, our power is to the limits. This battle has exhausted us.

Sun: You’re right, we’re all exhausted.

Metrex: "There is no escape forSkeleton, Deviland Zed...I am asking myself if this is right! They don’t deserve this end..."

Skeleton: I don’t have a good feeling but they are right...our end is near!

Zed: I won’t leave a snotty to decide for my life...I can’t bear this...!

Devil: I was thinking the same, Zed!

Skeleton: I agree with you, but you have to remember that they defeated us and they have this right...!