Once upon a time there was a merchant, he was so rich that he could pave with gold a long road. But he didn’t spend his money for anything if he wasn’t sure that he was going to earn something.

He was a very skillful merchant and that’s how he died.

All his fortune was inherited by his son, who spent his life for beauty, going to the masquerade balls, entertaining by throwing gold coins in the water while others threw stones, and so soon the entire wealth was gone and he was poor. All his friends were embarrassed to be with him so they left him lonely. Only one of them was good to him and sent an old case where were written those words: "Use it to pack up". But the boy had no clothes to pack. So he went inside the case by himself. It was very strange, because if you pressed the lock, it lifted high as a bird. Having learned what a wonderful feature the case had, the merchant’s son flew to the sky and went to Turkey. After he hid the case in the forest and covered it with dry leaves, he went to the city. Walking on the street, he met a nanny with a small child.

- Hey nanny, - he asked, - what is that grand palace near the city, with such high windows?

It is the palace where the daughter of the king lives, - she answered – she has been told that her husband will make her unfortunate; therefore no one can go there without the king and queen.

The boy thanked the nanny and returned to the forest. He entered into the case and flew right of the girl's room, which was sleeping on a sofa. She was so beautiful that the boy could not resist and kissed her. The girl woke up and she was so scared, but he said that God had sent him from heaven to help her. Then the girl calmed down after she heard those words.

The cat: - Ha, he was a mere boy!

Grandma: - But she believed him because nobody could fly as much high as he did.

The cat: - They got married together?!

Grandma: - They couldn’t get married so fast ... then they sit next to each-other and he started to tell her tales about her eyes, then about her forehead, the cheeks, and many other beautiful tales. Then he asked the princess to marry her.

- Come back next Saturday, - she told him. – The king and the queen will come here, and they will be proud to marry me with the god of the Turkish. But be careful to tell only beautiful tales. My mother loves deep tales, and father likes the funny ones.

Tales were the only thing he had now that his wealth was gone. They parted from each-other and the girl gave the boy a sword adorned with gold, and it was perfect now that he had no penny and went to buy a pair of nice clothes with it. Then he went somewhere in the forest to create a good story. At first it was difficult for him to create a fairy tale, but in the end he succeeded and he was ready on Saturday. The king, queen and all their people had visited the princess at the tea time, and the merchant’s son was greeted with great affection.

- Please, tell us a story - said the queen. - Something meaningful.

- Or something to make us laugh, - added the king.

- With all my pleasure, - answered the boy.

And the boy began to tell the tale he had created all night long thinking.

- Once upon a time there was a box of matches. And they pretended to be large because their great-grandfather, the great pine tree had been the biggest tree in the forest ... after the matches the pot pretended the same thing, and after pot were tongs, dishes ... so all the vessels used in the kitchen, were boasting to each-other. But in a moment the door opened, and it was the maid coming. No one moved, nobody said spoke a word. The maid took the matches to light the fire. They were set on fire and said: "Now, the whole world is bound to recognize our brilliance! And even though they pretended to be giant, in the end only ashes remained.

- That is a beautiful fairytale - said the queen - I was feeling myself like I was in the middle of the kitchen, near the matches. So you will marry our daughter.

- Yes, yes, - added the king, - you will marry our daughter and the wedding will be held on Monday.

Before the wedding began, the whole city was lightened. And everyone was celebrating.

- Now - said the trader's son - I have to do something on my own.

So he bought all the material of a nice flare, then put it in the case and flew in the sky. Then it exploded in the air and with that view, all the people are dancing cheerful. They never had seen something like that. Now they were convinced that their god would marry the princess. When he returned to the forest, the merchant's son went to the city to ask people what they thought about the flare. They told him strange things. Each of them had seen the firework in a different way but all of them were enchanted by it. Then he turned back to the forest to enter in his case, but he didn’t find it anywhere. It was burned by a spark of the flare, only ashes were left from it. So, the poor boy could not fly to go to his fiancée. She waited for him all day long on the roof, and is still waiting. While he wanders around the world showing fairy tales; but none of them is as joyful as the tale of the matches.