In a lost country and a destroyed house there lived two old sisters. They spent their lives sewing and the right-hand fingers were pale from the saliva they used to soften the thread. They had years that they didn’t not go out the house to meet someone, so nobody went to visit them. One day the son of the king passed through the country together with the people who accompanied him. On the top of the roof of their house he saw a bird and threw the arrow. Once killed, the bird fell in the hole of the roof and fell at the feet of the old woman. Prince went to take the bird, and once he said who he was, the old woman opened the door a little bit and reached out the hand to give the bird. On the way back home, the prince was thinking about the white hand. One day he sent one of the people who accompanied him old to go get to the woman because he wanted to marry her.

They went running to the house of the old woman. They asked who that old woman that had given the bird to the prince was, and the old woman replied with half a voice. They told her to get ready because the prince said he fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. But the old women didn’t believe and told them to go away because they had no age for jokes. They swore and said that this was true, and after lots of vows, the old woman put on some patched clothes she had and after being greeted with sister she left. Along the way the people of the prince slept and the old woman was thinking that this was normal at her age. Then three fairies showed up and started to laugh. One of them told the two sisters: "We hadn’t been laughing for so long as I want to do a good thing to this poor woman." Once they decided what to do, the first fairy said, "I wish you become as young as a fourteen year old girl. The second said," May you become more beautiful than the moon. And the third said," I wish you to have a white and shiny dress and the shiny and your neck and ears get covered in gold coins. "

And when the people woke up they were terrified because they did not know what had happened to the old woman. But they agreed to not say a single word otherwise the king would cut their heads. The moment they came down from the cart, the prince saw, turned to his parents and said:

I knew she was beautiful since the moment she stretched her hand that day! But I didn’t know she shone like a star! Companions didn’t speak at all. So they organized the best wedding. A few days, months and years passed and the old woman who lived in the old house became concerned and decided to go to the city and meet her sister.

And so she went down in the city. Hence wandering in the streets, she heard a voice that called from a grand palace. The old woman raised her head and saw it was a very beautiful and young girl, which asked her to enter the palace. The old woman barely walked the stairs and the girl asked: Why are you wandering like that? Have you lost anything?

And the old woman told her about what had happened and had come to learn anything about her sister who had disappeared. Then the girl embraced the old woman and told her she was her sister. The old woman saw her and did not believe it, she thought that she was making fun of her and was about to leave. But she swore that she was her and started to tell what had happened. After hearing the story the old woman said: - You been living so well! Why didn’t you invite me to come here with you?

The girl realized she had made a mistake but the old woman did not believe her and said:

- I do not believe the fairy story, the prince might have given a magic drug to you. So if you really love me, give me the medicine to become like you.

Then the girl went opened the ark, took all the gold she had and gave it her to have a better life because she couldn’t do what she asked for. The old woman took gold and left saying: "If she was my sister and if she loved me that much she’d have given some of the magic drug."

Talking with herself she exchanged with the prince's barber, who asked her about what had happened that she was very angry. So she told him the whole story of her sister. But the barber was a very bad man and turned to the old woman: - Prince didn’t do a thing, I was the one who did it. I ripped her old skin and dyed her flesh with a magic powder, so after two days she became young. The old woman was so surprised and she told him to do the same thing to her, so she would give him all the gold she had. That was all he wanted to hear and they went immediately at his house and started working. Once they got home, the barber took a razor and began to cut the skin of the old woman, but she yelled in pain and he said: "If you want to stop it tell me and give up." But the old woman was determined to become young once again and tried to endure all the pain. But when the razor went to her heart, the old woman cried out loudly in a scary way and died. The malevolent barber saw that the old woman was dead, took the gold, put her body in a bag and threw her in a river.