Mimoza was such a spoiled girl. Every time she come down the stairs of the house and found us playing in the yard, she definitely asked to enter the game.

We had fallen into a great trouble.

- Moza stay a little till the game ends and then we’ll play together!

Moza got angry and ran away.

-Look, - said Sava, she gets angry easily, - if I catch you, I will beat you!

-Really! - turned Moza. – Try it!

Sava bit her lower lip and ran to catch her. When Sava was ready to beat her, Moza’s mom took her head out the window:

- What are you doing Sava? Moza is a little girl! Don’t you mess with her!

But more often it was her grandmother who shouted to me, she had her hair tied on the back.

-I will beat you, do you hear me? ... Go away...

Sava was so angry, that she couldn’t speak of her tears. Then we said:

It is not Sava’s fault, it’s Moza’s. Moza ruins our game.

-It isn’t a big deal! – said the grandmother and she did not listen to show what Moza had done.

Moza was not that young. We were at the same age but she was very spoiled.

She was beautiful, clean, like those big puppets put on shop windows. She was very well dressed, always with new clothes. She was the only girl of the family! All the people of her house took care of her.

You have never seen Moza’s toys, she has all the toys at her house, dolls, small balls of big boxes with embroidery, kitchen utensils ... Moza has even a bicycle, also a small car, with which she moves all around the house. We, the others, have toys, but not as beautiful as Moza’s.

It always happened like this: she ruined our game and went home. Her grandmother and her mom never listened to us. Sava only said:

-I will catch her and I will beat her! The spoiled!

Then Moza came down again in the yard with any large puppet in her hands or the car. Ah, how beautiful they looked! At first we acted like we didn’t watch her, but slowly we forgot what happened during the game. Eva was the first to leave the game. She said:

-I won’t play anymore, I am tired

Moza immediately gave the doll or any other thing in her hand and, and then looked at us with rage. Then we left the game one by one. Klara left, Tina too, even Edita left ... I and Sava were alone. We both loved her toys but we were mad at her. Moza was guilty and she never apologized. It wasn’t right, but no one thought we were right. They got angry when Moza ruined our game, but when she came out in the yard with her toys, they forgot everything as if nothing had happened.

Sara was so mad that she wanted to go and ruin their game but I didn’t let her go.

- Come on, let’s go- I would say –it’s not a big deal!

Ah, Moza was so cunning! I showed her toys to ruin our game. Then she took her toys from their hands in a second

Then she said: "Go away, now that do not want to play with you! I got bored!

Once she did the same thing to me and Sara and we never went to her house again…

So passed a week, a month, two, then one day Clara was enraged so badly with Moza that she didn’t want to see her again. She had kept the buttered bread, and, Moza had wandered with her bike, then had said:

"Why did you lick my butter?"

The same thing happened with the other girls. So, Moza was alone, without friends. She took out all her toys, took the bicycle and the car, but none of us approached. But when she saw that no one came she began to call us:

Eva are you coming to play with me?

It came one day when Moza had no friend at all.  She played only with Blerta , that you do not know, she is a little girl, who hasn’t learned to speak yet. We were so happy about that.

But Moza worried so much and apparently she told her mummy and daddy. Her mom came down and told us:

-Girls why don’t you play with Moza?

We didn’t speak, but Sava said:

-Moza is a spoiled girl!

-Don’t you talk like that about Moza- grandmother's voice was heard from the window – you are the spoiled one!

Moaza’s mom was enraged with grandmother. She did not speak a word, took Moza and left. From this we learned that her mom did not want Moza to be a spoiled girl.

We didn’t see her anymore come to the yard and play with the toys. One we were playing with a rope behind the palace. When suddenly Moza came and wanted to jump. Sava, who was throwing the rope, stopped the game.

She said: -You are not our friend. -You spoiled girl! –she said.

Moza covered her face with her hands and immediately burst into tears. We didn’t speak anymore, neither I, nor Sava. She wept without speaking a word, but the whole body trembled. We had made a circle around her.


We went our separate ways, and when we started to play and she fled to go home.

Since that day, Moza realized the mistake she had done.

She really had more toys, had her mother, father, grandmother and grandfather, but they were not friends. They were not those friends with whom she could sit and play all day. She was not happy like the other girls.

One day she came down the stairs of the palace. Gradually she came to where we were playing and asked us to play.

We were looking at Sava and she felt pity about Moza when she cried.

-Good, - said Sava. Moza entered the game happily, and then, she realized her mistake and we didn’t call her the spoiled girl anymore.