The Rock Footstalk said always around the village: - I am very smart, and there is no one smarter than me in this world.

The king heard what he had said and told his servants to go and take him to the palace, and they brought him, the king told him:

I have heard that you are a very smart man. There have passed three months that my ring is lost and I’ve looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. I am giving you three days of time to find the ring, otherwise I will cut your head off. If you find the ring, you will earn lots of gold coins.

Rock Footstalk went outside in the yard of the king and said to himself: "Why should I say that I was very smart!"

The entire city had learned that the King had taken a very wise man in order to find the ring.

The ring of the king was found from three brothers but they didn’t tell anyone. They have heard what was being told around the city, met each-other and said to the youngest brother:
- Now go find that man because the king maybe finds us and cuts our heads off.

So the boy and went to Rock Footstalk and said:- One came and  he will go, there are two other more to come.

Rock Footstalk was talking about the days, that one day passed, and he had two days left to find the king's ring.

The boy listened and said to himself: - He has really found us! I came and he is waiting for my two brothers to come! -then he ran back to the two brothers.
- What do we do? I heard with my own ears that he has found us, so we should go to surrender and tell him to forgive us. - said the younger brother.

The three brothers went to Rock Footstalk and said:- We are in your hand. Here's your ring, just save us from the king.

So Rock Footstalk said: - You did good to come here by yourselves because the time was ending. Give me the ring and go because no one will hurt you. So brothers gave the ring and went to work. Rock Footstalk stood on his feet and ran to the bakery. He bought a loaf, took the inside part, put the ring inside and went to the king. King kept the geese there. He caught a large goose, opened its mouth, put the bread with the ring inside and tied a red string at its leg to recognize it. Then he went running to the king and said:

   - King ... King, I found the ring.

-  Where did you find? - said the King.

- A goose had eaten it, - said Rock Footstalk.

 - Do you know that goose? - asked the king.

- I know which it is my lord. – said Rock Footstalk.

- Go get the goose and bring it to me, - said the king.

Rock Footstalk went in the garden, he took the goose with the red string and brought it to the king.
- Open its stomach - said the king.

Rock Footstalk stabbed the goose, took the ring out and gave it to the king.
The king took the ring, put it on his finger and said to Rock Footstalk:
- Since you are so  wise, can you tell me what will my wife give birth to, a boy or a girl?
- I will try, - said Rock Footstalk.

- You have to find it, or it will kill you. If you find it, I will give you too much gold - said king.
So Rock Footstalk said to the king full of fear:

- I want to see your wife before I tell you.

King sent one of the servants to call his wife. Rock Footstalk saw the woman from the back when she came and said.

- It will be a boy, king!

The woman turned to leave the room, then Rock Footstalk said:
- It will be a girl, king!

- But we know that! - said the King.

- That’s what I saw, that’s what I am saying king! - Rock Footstalk replied.

King didn’t continue the conversation but said to himself: "I won’t let him go till my wife has the baby."

But the queen gave birth that night to a boy and a girl. The news came the king, and the king called Rock Footstalk and said:

- You are very clever, man. The Queen gave birth to a boy and a girl.

So he gave Rock gold. There was a wise advises near the king and he said:
- Will you give me permission king, to try this man once?

King replied: You got the permission, so you’ll kill him if he doesn’t find it, otherwise you will give him a thousand ducats.

But neither the king nor his adviser knew the Rock Footstalk name. The adviser got up and went in the garden. He snapped a stalk and put it inside a box, then he asked Rock:
- Since you’re so wise, do you know what I have put here in the box?

He was so embarrassed and said:

- For god sake, Rock Footstalk has never seen himself that bad!

The adviser heard that he said stalk and thought he found it: - He found it, King! -and opened the box where he had put the stalk.

Rock Footstalk survived even this time, took a thousand ducats and turned back home safely.