Once upon a time there was a poor boy who had nothing in this world, but his old mother and father.

To keep his parents with honor so he went to work at a gentleman, who told him to cut some trees and carry wood all the time. The work was hard but the guy was right and worked a lot, therefore his master was giving him too much work to do.
One day when he was cutting wood, St. Nicholas appeared with a donkey and said:
- I came to do you a favor because I see that you do the work right. Take this donkey home and it will give make earn money every day. Just be careful to not give him to anyone, even for a single day.

The boy was delighted and left the work without giving an explanation to the master. Indeed the donkey made money every day. One day the godmother came and asked him to take his donkey and go to the mill, but son said he wanted to give it but he could not. She promised that she would return the donkey within a day, and after lots of prayers and vows, the boy gave the donkey. In the evening when she came home she said to herself: "there is enough grass for the donkey, I will give it to the boy tomorrow." And when she got up in the morning, she saw silver at the donkey’s droppings. So she did not turn the donkey back.

The boy became upset and went to take the donkey but godmother who was as cunning as a fox, faked she was stupid and said that did not take the donkey at all. The boy became so mad that he hated himself and turned back home empty-handed.

For a little period of time the boy lived with the money they had saved, but not much later it was all gone. Then he was forced to go to work again for the man he did before.

One day when he was cutting wood in the mountain, St. Nicholas appeared again, took him aside and said:

- I feel so bad for you boy! Take this tray and whatever you ask the god for it will give to you.

The boy left the job again and the tray gave him everything he asked for.

One day, the king had come to hunt and passed through the village. The boy welcomed him with great honor and begged him to stay for lunch. King saw that he wanted him to stay and he accepted the invitation. But when they sit down to eat, there was nothing on the table except the tray. As soon as the boy began to pray, the table was full of food and fruits. The king was very surprised and asked the boy to show him who was doing this work. So he forced the boy and he told the king the mystery of the tray. Then the king ordered and grabbed the tray and didn’t even feel bad about the boy’s tears.  Eventually, the boy became poor again and went back to work.

Every time it went to the mountain to cut wood, he prayed to St. Nicholas to help him. The saint heard and appeared for the third time with a chicken in his hand and said: - How didn’t you learn from your mistakes! Take this chicken and do not lose it! Every time it makes egg you’ll find gold and precious stones.

The boy took the chicken and began to arrange the house, the field and everything he had.

But that year a difficult winter came and he was afraid that his chicken would freeze. After a long time of thinking, he made up his mind to take the chicken to a tailor in the city to wear it.

- I have the most unique chicken in the world, - said the boy to the tailor. – It makes an egg each day, and it’s such a special egg. Inside it there is gold and precious stones. But I fear that the cold will freeze it, so I brought it here for you to make good clothes for it. To not worry about the money, I will pay for how much it costs.

Once the tailor heard he said: - I have never heard of clothes made for a chicken, but since you want it, leave the chicken here and come tomorrow to get it. The boy forgot that he could make a trick did so he left the chicken. The tailor took the chicken and changed it with another one, with the same color and weight and prepared it. The boy came tomorrow and after taking the chicken, gave him a handful of money.

But he got surprised that the chicken made no eggs. He had nowhere to go and complain so he punched himself two or three times and said: I was miserable and became lucky, I was blessed and was made miserable, and I was so dumb!

He prepared to kill himself but he was worried about his family and did not do a thing. Now he couldn’t beg to St. Nicholas but he appeared again. At first he criticized him that he had not listened to his words then handed a hammer and said:

- Listen son! This cudgel will take away the boredom and will give you what you deserve, just say, "vur cudgel!" Then it starts dancing and playing until you say: "dur cudgel!"

The boy took and hung it on a joist. One day when he was bored got the cudgel, and said: "Vur cudgel", and it began to shake the ground and there was no one to stop it. Then he remembered and said: "dur cudgel" and the cudgel also stopped immediately.

Then the boy took the cudgel and went to the tailor saying: - I came to tell you a beautiful thing. Do you see this cudgel? Enough to say, "Vur cudgel "and it jumps and takes the boredom away.

Tailor thought he would outfox him as he did with the chicken and wanted to try it at once, and said loudly: "Vur mace". His cudgel began to beat over and over again everything around.

He began to ask for help and pray, but the boy said: - Without the chicken back the cudgel won’t stop. He vowed that he would return the chicken and once the boy got the chicken back, he stopped the cudgel.

He took the chicken and went to the king and it worked in the same way. King was forced to turn the tray that he had taken.

Then he came to the godmother and she felt discomforted of being reminded of the donkey and said that she was very upset. Then the boy said that has this cudgel would take away her boredom. Once she said "Vur mace", it began to beat her ribs.

- Stop doing that! – said the godmother.

- You won’t escape without giving me the donkey back. - said the boy.

And so the boy rode his donkey carrying chicken in one hand and the tray on the other and returned home with the cudgel on the donkey’s back. Since that day he had a happy life.