Once upon a time there was a king who had only one daughter. The girl was very special and had a magic body. She was smart and wise, and they called her the Beauty. Lots of princes wanted to marry her, but she didn’t want to. Family and the king tried to persuade but she said:

Well, I’ll get married. But I will marry the man who can hide so good that I won’t find him.

Everyone heard about what she said, so the other princes and captains tried, but she could see them with the field-glasses that looked beyond the sky, ground and sea. A poor boy had gone out to panhandle far away from the village. He stopped at a rock near the river, and there he saw a pond where a beautiful fish was writhing.

I should rescue the fish. – the boy was thinking and he took the fish and threw it in the river. The fish jumped two or three times of happiness, then got to the riverside and told the boy:

- Thank you my friend, I’ll never forget what you did for me. Take this shell and when you’ll need me, throw it in the water and call me, and I’ll be there for you.

Poor boy took the shell and put it inside his bag and continued his way. Somewhere a little farther, he saw a bird stuck in a loop that was trying to escape.

- I have to save the poor bird, - said the boy.

When he released the bird, he noticed that it was an eagle in fact. And she pulled off a feather from the wing and gave it to the boy, and told him:

- Whenever you need me, throw this feather in the air and call me, and I’ll come at once.

The boy took the feather and put it in his bag. On his way, he saw that a fox had fallen into a trap. The fox said: - Hello, my godfather!

Wait a minute, - the boy was thinking, - how come I am her godfather? – then he understood what was going on and said: - I am glad to meet you.

  When she heard the good words, she respired and continued:

- If you help me escape, I’ll be there for you whenever you need me.

He thought: - Okay then, I’ll help her, we never know what can happen later.

So he helped her get out of the trap and before she was gone, she gave him a little piece of her fur and said:

- Whenever you need me, burn this fur in fire and I’ll be there.

The boy took the fur into hid bag and went away. Then he reached the country where the Beauty lived. He heard about the words that she had spoken and thought:

- Only I can hide in a place where she cannot see.

He went to the palace and said he wanted to try once hiding. The princess accepted and gave he three days to hide. The boy went to the riverside, and threw the shell into the water. The little fish showed up and asked the boy what he needed, and he said:

- Do you know a place where you can hide me?

Sure! – said the little fish and then he called the big fish so that the boy could hide inside his belly and disappear.

The Beauty took the field-glasses and looked the first day at the sky, but didn’t find him. Then she looked on the ground on the second day, but still didn’t find him. Then she looked for him at the see on the third day and finally found him. 

Huh, I found you! - she said, but you seem so smart, I am going to give you another chance.

Then the boy threw the feather in the air and the eagle appeared. He asked her for help and she said:

- Get on my back, - then she flew far away. The Beauty took the field-glasses again and looked for him, the first day in the water, but he wasn’t there, the second day on the ground, still not there. Then she looked for him at the sky and found him again.

But she noticed he was very smart and gave him a last chance to hide.

So he took the fox fur and burnt it. The fox showed up and asked him:

- What do you need?

He asked her if she knew a place where he could hid.

And she said: - Come with me!

She took him to the Beauty’s yard. Every time the Beauty came out for a walk, she left an apple at the stairs and kept it always in her hands. The fox cut the apple in half and said to the boy to get inside it.  Then she took the apple to the stairs. The Beauty came outside, took the field-glasses to look for the boy, but she couldn’t find him in the sky, in the ground, nor in the water. Then she put her apple in the chest and got terribly mad. Three days passed and the boy got out of the apple. So the princess married him and they lived happily ever after.