Once upon a time there was an old man who had five sons. The oldest son would get married, so he sent people to call all his old friends. But his sons were mad at him and said that they would invite their friends, not his dotard ones.

The old man didn’t like that and tried to make them change their minds, but they were so mulish. So, the old man was hatch a trick so that they would understand which the right and the truth were. He reflected for a while, then he butchered a goat, covered it with a sheet and left it in a corner at the house. His sons didn’t notice what he had done. Then he told his oldest son to invite his best friend to dinner. The friend came in the evening. They welcomed him, and put the best food and drinks on the table, then the old man told the son’s friend:

- Boy, last night, blood feud made me and my sons kill a man. We have covered his body with a sheet and put him in the yard. I beg you to help us hide him somewhere, two hours away from the village, so that no one finds out about this.

The new friend pretended to be very sad and told him:

- Ah, dear friend, why should it happen tonight! I can’t! I have to go home because the governors are waiting for me to settle the debts, or they will think I am escaping. They will take everything I have. I have to go. I am very sorry!

So he got up and left. The same night, the old man sent one of his sons to go and invite one of the old friends they had. Their friend came after midnight and after the dinner, the old man told him the same words. The old friend heard him, then stood up speaking out loud: ‘‘Get up and show me where the body is because it is dawning’’. They went outside at the yard and the old men told them the corned. The friend caught it and his hand touched the ram’s tail, he was very surprised and asked:

- What is going on, what is this tail?!

Then the old man hugged him and began to talk so that everyone would hear:

Put it down, my friend, I haven’t killed anyone. And I did this to show my sons that who is a real fiend and who’s just for the fun.

Sons understood that they didn’t have true friends, and the old man turned to them:

- Listen to me carefully… New friends are easy to find, but never forget the old ones.

Then they took the ram, roasted it and had a great dinner.