Once upon a time there was a boy called Kros, who had nothing in this world but a red cap, that when he put on, he got invisible and no one could see him. One day, Kros say a rich man who had a golden hammer and he wanted to grab it. The man knew who took the hammer, but Kros put on his cap and disappeared. Then he travelled to another city. On his way, he saw an old man who had a magic carpet. The old man sat on the carpet and it flew. Kros loved it and thought he should take the carpet. So, he looked at the old man, how he got on the carpet and stood. When the man got down, Kros went to the carpet, sat on it and flew away. The old man couldn’t see who took it, because the boy had put on the red cap. So, Kros flew for a while and arrived in another kingdom. When he got to the capital of the kingdom, he stopped at the big square. He saw lots of people heads stuck in poles over there and other people watching them. Kros was terrified and asked the people around what had happened. One of them said:

- Our king has a daughter and he loves her very much, and lots of people come and kidnap her at night, and we haven’t found who they are. The king said he would give too much wealth to the one who would watch over his daughter and catch the kidnappers. So lots of braves swore they would do this, but they couldn’t, so he beheaded them.

So, Kros went to the palace instantly and said to the king:

- I swear that I will watch over the princess and find the kidnappers.

Ant king told him: - And if you don’t, I will behead you.

Okay then, but I need a week to do this and you have to let me sleep in the princess room.

King satisfied his demands and told him he would give him whatever if he found out the truth.

After the deal, Kros went to the room that night. He stood awake to guard the princess and at midnight the window opened. Someone came in and Kros pretended he was sleeping. The man took the girl outside where two goats were waiting. He got on the first goat and took the girl uo to the other one. The goats flew away, but Kros sat on the carpet and reached them at once; they didn’t look at him because he had put on his red cap. They flew till they arrived at a big cave.  There were big rooms full of light inside. On the both sides of the gate, there were soldiers drinking and eating. The princess and the strange man went inside to a big room and Kros followed them. Those were the jinneees’ king’s rooms. When they entered the king’s room, all the people inside got up to serve to the princess, whom the jinnee’s king loved too much. Kros sat next to the jinnee’s king to look around. All night long, the people in the room dined, drank, sang and danced. Before the dawn came and the cock crowed, people got up and took the girl outside. She got on the white goat and flew to her father’s palace, together with the man who took her. And Kros followed them sat on his carpet. On their way back, the strange man told the girl:

- Right down there is a big cave, full of diamonds, but no one can take them because a jinnee guards over there. Kros heard his words, got down to the cave and took lots of diamonds. When the jinnee woke up, he ran to catch him, but Kros got onto the carpet and flew away.

He reached the man and the princess and passed them, entered the princess room, and a little later she came in. Kros saw her and smiled because she didn’t know he had seen everything. And the same thing happened in three days alternately. And Kros was always behind them, taking as many diamonds as he could. The third night, the jinnees’ king told the girl he would marry her the next night. Kros understood he should take action, so he put on his red cap, took his golden hammed and beat the king on his head. He died and when his real face appeared, he was so disgusting that the princess was terrified. The other jinnees were scared and began to scream and shout to the girl. In all that mess, Kros took the girl and they went outside, and she was more terrified because she couldn’t see who was pushing her. She was trembling and wanted to scream for help, but the jinnees were screaming too. When they got out, Kros sat on the carpet together with the princess. He told he not to be scared because he wouldn’t hurt her. She was very surprised from the voice because she couldn’t understand where it came from. Once the jinnees stopped screaming, they flew right to the king’s palace. When they arrived, Kros took the princess to her bed and went to his bed to sleep after a very long time being awaken. The next morning, he went to the king, told him everything. King believed him and knew that the jinnees would never come back. Then he asked Kros with joy about the reward he wanted. Kros said: - I don’t need anything, I have the money and lots of jewels, but if you have something else for me, I’ll get it.

Then king said: - If you accept, I want you to be my groom and marry my daughter.

I accept heartily. – Kros said to the king.

And a week later, they organized a big wedding that lasted for days and nights.