Once upon a time there was a king and he had three sons. He had an orchard of quince trees that gave only three fruits and even those were always taken from the dragon. One day, the oldest son decided to kill the dragon, the king allowed him, and he boy watching for the dragon all night long. When she came near, she began to scream and he was terrified, so he ran away and didn’t attack her. The king was very mad, more about the fact that his son had acted like a chicken-heart than the quince fruits.

Another day, the middle son asked to do the same thing and the king agreed with him. But even he was terrified and didn’t have the courage to fight with the dragon. The king was growing ill because of this, he stood in the bed for a long time. One day, the youngest son asked for his permission to go and kill the dragon. His brothers always mocked him because he was bald. The king allowed him to go and fight with the dragon, even though he didn’t have much faith. The dragon came at night, the boy wasn’t afraid at all, he attacked her very badly with his sword and she left empty-handed. So he called his two brothers to go and find her, and kill her once and for all. They followed the blood traces and arrived at a gigantic hole. The bald brother told to the two others that he would climb own with a rope while they should wait right there to pull the dragon when he finished with her.

When he got down the hole, the bald man saw a house and when he knocked on the door, a beautiful girl answered, she was one of the most beautiful girls in the world. She asked him why he had come and he told her he had come to kill the dragon. She told him that if he could do that, she would marry him, and as a symbol of loyalty, she gave him a fork that spinned gold. He threw it on the ground and it turned into a golden apple. He took the apple and put it in his chest. He left and he saw another house, where was living the second sister. She said she would marry him too if he killed the dragon, and gave him as a symbol of loyalty a stap that turned into a golden pear when he threw it on the ground. He went to the third house and the youngest sister came outside. She was even more beautiful than the first two sisters and she told him she would become her wife if he killed the dragon. As a symbol of loyalty, she gave to the bald a golden broody-hen and twelve golden chickens, which turned into grapes when he threw them on the ground. Then she took him to the place where the dragon was staying and left. There were some people that were seeing off a girl, and when they left her near the river, they all left crying. When the bald approached and asked her what was going on, she said: - The dragon is coming in our land and she always picks a girl. Now it is my turn to go with her. The girl was the princess of the country. The bald waited for the dragon and when she came, he cut her head, she fell in the river and the water turned into blood. The king honored the boy as a real hero and he offered him the half of the kingdom, but he said he didn’t want anything at the moment, but if he needed anything anytime, he would come back and ask.

The bald man left and went to get the three beautiful girls. He would take the first two sisters for his brothers, while he by himself would marry the youngest sister. When he got to his brothers, they pulled the three girls up, but they left their brother in the hole. As he was staying there, he saw a nest with eaglets that were crying for help because a snake was going to eat them. The bald cut the snake’s head and saved the eaglets. When the eagle came, she saw what he had done, thanked and asked him if he wanted her do anything for him. He asked her to take him to the upper world, but she told him she needed two breads, two lambs and two barrels of water to do that. He didn’t have all that, but he remembered the king and went to him. The king healed him so he could get the eagle all she asked for. She left the bald on the ground, gave him a black feather and told him to burn it when he needed her and tell a wish. When the bald got back to his world, he asked if his father was alive and if his wife had kept her word. Then he went to a jeweler and asked him if he could work in there for nothing. One day, the jeweler was called to go to the palace and king told him that he would marry his oldest son and the bride wanted a golden fork. He had to make the fork, otherwise he would be beheaded. The boy told the jeweler not to worry because he knew the solution. He took out the golden apple, broke it and the fork that she had given to him came out. He king rewarded the jeweler with three chariots full of gold, he wanted to give two of them to the bald boy and keep only one for himself, but the bald didn’t accept.  One other day, the king called the jeweler again and told him he would marry his middle son and he had to make golden bat for the bride, otherwise he would be beheaded. But the bald had the golden pear in his chest and when he broke it, the golden bat came out. So the jeweler was rewarded again with three other chariots of gold.

Some time passed and the kind had spread the words that the man who could take the golden apple on the top of the flag that was on the top of the palace, could marry the youngest of the beautiful sisters, and he would make that man his son.

The bald heard those words, so he burnt the feather and a black horse with golden wings appeared. He flied to the top of the flag and took the golden apple easily.

Then he took the armory off and nobody was recognizing him because he had become more handsome. He told the king that he was his son, but his two other brothers were saying that he was making fun of their little brother memory. Then the youngest of the sisters came closer, and asked him what she had given to him as a symbol of loyalty. He didn’t say anything, took the grape out of his chest, threw it on the ground and the golden hen and chickens came out. Then the boy became the king of his country and he enchained his brother into the jail. He lived happily with his beautiful wife forever.