Once upon a time there were a man and a woman who had three sons. The fist son told his father.

Father, I want to migrate, that’s how I can earn money. The father agreed and gave him a hundred napoleons, the boy set off and didn’t come back for three years. Then he came back home but didn’t bring anything. When the first came, the second son asked for his father’s permission to migrate too. The father agreed again and gave him a hundred napoleons. The second son did the same thing, came home three years later and didn’t bring anything. Then the third prepared too. The father agreed even this time, but he gave him fifty napoleons. The youngest son took off and when it got dark, he said in hotel and asked the host for a room.

But the host said: - I don’t have free rooms, even the last one that was free, I have taken a dead man inside there.

The boy asked him how long had the man been dead and he said he had died four days ago. The boy was very curious and asked the host why they didn’t bury the body, and the host answered: - we haven’t buried him because we need fifty napoleons.

Bury the body and I’ll give you the money. –the boy said.

So he did what the boy told him, and he spent the night there. The next morning he set off and on his way, he met with a man, who asked him where he was going to, and the boy said: - I want to go to a country where I can earn some money.

- Me too. Let’s become brothers and go together. And divide everything we will get there. –the man said.

The boy was persuaded and they got on the way together. They arrived at Istanbul and there was a king who had only one daughter and he was trying to find the right man who would marry with her. Every day, the king sent a messenger in the streets to shout out loud on his behalf: I will give away a fortune for the one who will marry my daughter.

The two new-brothers heard the messenger and the man told the boy:

Tell the messenger you want to marry her. So the boy went to the messenger and said he would marry the princess. The messenger ran to the palace and told the king. Then king called for the two brothers and told them:

Which one of you wants to marry my daughter?

The boy said: - I want to marry your daughter, but I want two rooms next to each other so that my brother sleeps next to me.

That is something we can fix. –the king said.

So he ordered to prepare a room next to the bride’s room and the groom’s brother stayed in it. When the night came, the groom entered in his room and his brother in the room next to it. After a little while, the man entered secretly in the room and nobody saw him. He sat aside and waited. Then, a snake came out of the bride’s mouth. The man, just as he saw the snake, he ran to it and cut its head. But other snakes were coming out, and he killed all of them. In the morning, he told the boy to get up and said: - get up, the dawn came. Look at the snakes that the princess had in her belly. At night, when she was sleeping, they came out of her mouth and I killed all of them. He told everything and went to his room and pretended he fell asleep. When the king got up in the morning, and saw that the groom was still alive and had killed all the snakes, he was very happy. Then he ordered to bring ten mules packed with gold to the boy. He took the gold and sot off to go back home with his wife and brother. When they arrived at their place they had met with each other, the man said. I have to go that way, so let’s divide the gold in half. After they divided the gold, one took five mules and the other took the five other mules, and when it was the bride’s turn, things got mixed up. They were arguing very bad till the man grabbed the bride and said: Keep her so that I can cut her in half.

The boy couldn’t double-cross his brother, so he helped him to cut his wife in half.

When the man raised the sword, she was terrified and began to scream so hard that a snake was coming out of her mouth. The man cut the snake’s head and told his wife:

I hope you enjoy the gold and your wife, because I am the dead man that you helped to be buried. I don’t need the money, you gave those fifty napoleons for me.

He told the boy he could come every time he wanted to meet with him, then he went away. Family was very happy when they saw the youngest son coming back safe and sound, married and with ten mules packed full of gold. From that day on, they lived happily. Time passed and god gave them three sons alternately. One day, the boy said he missed the man that helped hi get all the fortune and told his wife: - I want to go and meet my brother, I’ll come back five days later.

Well, do as you wish. –the wife said.

So he took off and went to the grave of his brother. He called him three times and waited. Soon, the grave was opened and the dead man came out. When he saw the boy, he was immensely happy and invited him in. They went inside the tomb and talked to each other for a long time. Five days passed and the boy had to go back home, where his wife and three sons were waiting for him. When he got back to the village, he didn’t find his house neither his family. He hadn’t noticed that those five days he passed inside the tomb, had been like five hundred years in the world of the living.

He wandered for a long time, then he was worried and got back to his dead brother. When he arrived at the grave, he called him and asked:

I went back to the village and I didn’t find the house, neither my family! What the hell happened?!

You’ll see your children only when you die. –the dead man said.

So he asked: - What, I can meet my family again if I die?

And the dead man answered: - Yes, you can see them only if you die.

And the living man said: I do not want this life, I want to die.

As he said those words, the death came, he died and met with his wife and his children in the other world.