Once upon a time there was a very poor boy that didn’t have his mother neither his father, but he went all around the village and people gave him bread to eat. He always had a drum with him and he played it so good that nobody could compare to him. One day, he went to the seashore and was playing the drum looking at the city on the other side of the sea. There was a boat nearby and the soldiers were throwing wood in it. When they heard the drum, they were surprised and liked it, and stopped with the wood in their arms. The commandant heard it too, so he told one of the soldiers to go and get the boy so that he would play the drum till they finished the load.

When the soldier told the boy to go and play near the boat and they would pay him as much as he wanted, he accepted at once. The commandant asked the boy how much money he wanted to play the drum and he answered:

I don’t want anything, just take me with you to the city you’re going to. The commandant agreed and the boy began to play the drum, two hours later the boat was full and they took off. There was a king in the city they went to, and he had only one daughter. Lots of other kings asked to marry her, but she refused all of them because she wanted to marry the man she would fall in love with. So the king let her to decide and marry the one she would love. At that time, the boy played the drum and after the princess heard him, she told her father she wanted to get married with the boy. When the king’s soldiers went to take the boy to the palace, the commandant told the king that he hadn’t done anything wrong. But the king told him to calm down because he hadn’t called him backward and he wanted to give some good news. The king took the boy next to him and told everybody to leave them alone. When everybody was outside and it was only the king and the boy in the room, king said: - I do not have a son, I have only one daughter and want to make you my son and marry you with her, if you want that to.

The boy told him he was very poor and wasn’t up to the mark to marry the princess, but at that moment she came in the room bringing the drinks and told him: - I want to marry you, do you love me or not?

The poor boy was lost for a while and didn’t know how to answer, then he said:

Well, when you trust in me, all I can do is accept to be you husband, but I want you to come at my house sometimes.

I am ready to go wherever you go. –she said.

As they finished talking, the boy married the princess. Two months passed and the boy was missing his country, and he asked his wife if she wanted to go with him, and she agreed. The king wanted to give him lots of gold and some soldiers to watch over them, but the boy refused, he took only his wife with him, because he hadn’t enough room in his house to keep any of the soldiers. When they were passing by the shore, they stopped at a hut to spend the night. When the girl was asleep, he took the coffer’s key and when he opened the coffer, he found a box inside. He took the box and went outside to open it so that he wouldn’t make noise and the girl wouldn’t wake up and see. When he opened the box, he found three jewels, and as he was looking at them, an eagle came near him and took them from his hands. So the eagle went forward and the boy followed him, till they reached a place where the thieves came out of the see and took the people away and sold them like they were their slaves.

So they took the boy to a very distant country and sold him to a jew. He burdened the boy with rods and pickaxes, and sent him to a place of stones and rocks, and said: - You clear all this up and turn it into a vineyard, then I’ll let you go.

But the boy noticed the land was immense and he had to stay and work all his life there, however he took the pickaxe and began to work. When he began to dig with it, he noticed a board and when he picked it up, he saw a big hole full of gold.

When the princess got up in the morning and she didn’t see her husband, she went home, told her father and asked him money so that could go and find him.

He gave her the money and she opened a pothouse at the harbor where ships from all over the world anchored and she offered free eating and drinking to all the tourists and foreign people.

While the boy was thinking on what to do with the gold, he began to play the drum. A ship was passing nearby and when the captain listened the melody, he told his soldiers to go and get the boy to the ship.

Then he asked the boy what he was doing there and the boy told him about everything, how they kidnapped and sold him as a slave. So the captain offered to help him escape, but the boy said he couldn’t leave without doing his work completely. The captain felt very sorry about the boy, so he ordered his soldiers to help the boy, and for a little time they took off all the stones and rocks, drilled the vineyard and after a while it turned into an amazing land.

When the jew came, he was amazed and told the boy:

I will keep the word I promised, so from now on you are free to go wherever you want. If you need anything, you can tell me. So the boy asked for a boat full of salt, and after he took it, he got all the gold with him in the boat.

When he was getting back to the place where the ship was waiting for him, he saw a nest of birds, and when he got closer to it, he saw the three jewels. He tied the boat to the dock and they set sail to go to the place where the princess had opened the pothouse. When they arrived, the captain sent one of his soldiers to get some wine because they would make a beano all night long and the boy would play the drum. When the soldier went to the pothouse to take the wine, the girl asked him if they had any foreign people in their ship. The soldier told her about a boy they had found in a place far away, then the girl said:

Go and tell the captain and the boy to come here and dine. The soldier turned back and told his captain about the words the girl had said, so the next day, both of them went to the pothouse. The girl recognized him and after the dinner, she told the captain:

I would love if you leave the boy here to play the drum and humor the people. He said the boy could stay there all the time he wanted. So the boy took the drum and began to play, but a little later he began to groan, and she asked him what was going on. He said:

Ah, what should I have! Once I had a wife that I lost and you look just like her.

Where was your wife from and where did you lose her? -the girl asked.

So the boy told her the whole story, that his wife was the princess, that they had kidnapped him and everything else. She heard him till the end and said: - I am your wife, I’ve been looking for you all this time. They embraced each other, took the boat full of gold and went back to the king’s palace where they lived happy.