Once upon a time, there was a very rich man. He had a son whom he loved so much that he humored and gave him everything he asked for.

But then the man died and his son inherited all the wealth he had.

The son was really bad that he spent all his father left him in a while. The only things left were a ring and a pair of clothes.

One day he went out to sell the ring and earned two-hundred lire, then he went to a hotel and booked for a room to stay.

One other day, a jew passed by the hotel, who wanted to sell a box and he was saying:

This box costs one lira. The one who buys it, will regret it later, the one who doesn’t buy it, will regret it later too.

The boy reflected for a while, then he bought it and gave it to the owner of the hotel to keep it till the evening. The man did what the boy said. At night, after the boy had eaten the dinner and there was just a little bit food left, the boy opened the box to see what was inside. Just as he opened it, a little black man with a pipe in his mouth appeared and said to the boy:

That’s all you left for me?

The boy didn’t answer because of fear. Then the black man told him:

Do you want me to bring food again?

No, I don’t want it. – said the boy.

One day, when they were staying at the yard, the black man said:

Do you want me to bring the princess to you tonight?

Bring her. –the boy said.

But he didn’t think that he could really do that.

It got dark, and the black man went to the king’s palace, opened the gates, and without anybody noticing him, he took the princess to the boy, and brought her back to the palace in the morning.

They did that every night for a while, and the king's daughter got pregnant. When the king saw the girl was getting fat he said:

What is the man who dared to touch you?

The daughter said:

I don’t know him, I just know that a black man comes here every night and in the morning takes me back to the palace!

Then the king said to his daughter:

When he comes tonight to take you away, cover your hand in ink, and when you get to his door, touch it so that we can find out who is he.

And the girl did exactly as her father said, but the black man understood the trick and painted the door completely. The king was unable to catch the man at the first time, so he gave his daughter glassware of rakia and said:

When he falls to sleep, pour this over him.

The daughter did as her father said. The next day he sent messengers out around the town to tell:

Who wants to come today and bathe without paying.

And many people went for a bath, and the boy was amongst them. Just as he went out there, the guards recognized him by the smell of rakia, they caught and got him out of the city to hang him. When the black man heard about what had happened to the boy, pulled a hair from his beard and it turned into a written document, and there was written that they mustn’t hang the boy but those who had caught him. The black man went out and gave the document to the man who would hang the boy, and the man did as it was written in the document. Then he went to the king and king asked:

Did you hang the boy?

No, I hung those who brought the boy. -he replied.

What have you done, did I tell you what to do or not?! -the king was surprised.

Then the man took the document out of his pocket and showed it. When the king saw such a thing he was immensely marveled by that and he sent his people to take the black man to the palace.

And he said to him:

How could you do that thing?!

And the black man turned to him:

And you, how dare you kill my son. Don’t you know that I have so much power that I can ruin the entire kingdom?

King was afraid when he heard the black man and spoke trying to spoil him:

I did not call you for this, but I learned that you have too much power and I wanted to send you to a country so that you invade it for me.

The black man asked the king to get him thirty brave men and lots of iron. King gave him all he asked for and was hoping that the black man would be killed in that country. When he arrived in the country he saw only savage humans, which just as they saw him, they were ready to rip him off, but he poured iron over and killed twenty-five of them. Then the wild men were afraid that he would kill them off and went down on their knees saying they would do whatever it would ask. Once he filled the sacks with gold, the black man turned back to the palace. King was horrified when he saw he was still alive and as he had no other choice, he allowed the boy to marry his daughter.