Once there were three friends that had gone to a party but the three of them had not even a single penny in their pockets. They sat down and began talking with each other about how to resolve that. The first said:

I will go to find some wine.

I will go to find chickens. – said the second.

I will go to find some bread. – said the third.

So they parted from each other for a while so that they could get what they promised.

The third took off with only three pennies in the pocket an went right to the baker with his sack in his hands.

When he arrived, he said to the baker:

Take a look at the notebook, how much does my father owe you?

But the baker said: - Your father doesn’t owe me anything at all.

I know that he owed you three pennies, because my father died last night and has left this in his testament. – the boy said.

Then the baker took the three pennies in his pocket and when boy was ready to leave, the baker told him to stay and drink a coffee.

And the boy turned to him:

I have no time because I have to go to the other bakery to buy some bread.

He told the baker that he was a permanent customer at that bakery, that’s why he would go there, but the baker told him that his father had been a permanent customer too, but at his bakery.

And the boy said that he didn’t have the money with him that day because he had to bury his father. So the baker told him:

There is no problem, take as much bread as you want and give me the money whenever you’ll have it.

So the boy filled the sack with too much bread and went to his friends.

The first boy filled the crock half and went to a pothouse. He said to the shop-assistant:

Give me ten kilos of wine.

The shop-assistant weighed ten kilos of wine and poured it in the boy’s crock.

And the boy said:

I’ll bring the money tomorrow.

Without money, I’ll give you nothing. – the man said.

If you can’t give that to me, okay then, here’s your wine. – the boy said.

The man took the crock and poured out ten kilos of both wine and water. Then the boy went to another pothouse and did the same thing. So, the water he had, turned into wine.

The second boy went to get the chickens. On his way, he encountered a peasant woman who had a basket of chickens.

The boy bargained and took the chickens, then he said:

Let’s go to the priest because I’m his servant and when I say to him that you’re the lady that had the chickens, he’ll give you the money.

They left and went to the church and boy fount the priest in confession. The chicken’s thief went closer to the priest and told him in the ear:

Padre, the lady you are looking over there, has too many years without being confessed and all she wants is to get more and more money. If you reprove her about this habit that she has you would do such a great thing and win another soul.

Don’t worry son, now I’m calling her to come and confess. – the priest said.

- Wave at her to stay there and wait. – the boy said.

So the priest raised his hand and waved at her to stay there and wait.

Then the boy went to her and told her: stay here and wait till the priest comes and gives you the money.

And the peasant woman told him:

Okay, I’m staying here because I saw him waving at me.

He turned back to his friends and the three of them had fun dining and drinking. The priest called the peasant woman and told her to stand on her knees, told her to cross herself and she did it, then he asked her how long had she been without confessing and she said:

Sir, I want the money and I don’t have time to confess right now.

My child, get the money out of your mind and spurn the devil away from you. – the priest told her.

But she said again:

I want the chickens’ money, I don’t have time to talk with you.

The priest had no idea what she was talking about and continued his speech:

Cross yourself because the devil has come to lure you.

Then she said:

Sir, I want the money for the chickens you servant bought from me.

What chickens?! – the priest turned to her surprised.

Then the peasant woman told him:

The chickens you servant bought from me, the one who came and talked to you and then you waved at me to wait for taking the money.

He didn’t say anything about the money, but told me to save you from the sins. – the priest said.

I do not need to confess, padre, but take the money out and give it to me. – the peasant woman said.

So, the priest had no choice, he gave her the money, she left and he stood there empty-handed.