Once upon a time there was a boy who had just a little wealth.

He had two oxen and a flock of sheep. But he had an infield nobody had ever had, where he had planted all kinds of trees.

Each time he looked at the people crossing the road, he said to them to go and take any fruit they wanted to wet their whistles. One day, a monk passed, and the boy at that time was working on the field. The boy said to him: - Please come here and eat something!

The monk went there and ate till he filled and when he was going away, the boy told him to take something to eat on his way, but the monk turned to him: - I ate here, and I am so filled, now you tell me what do you want me to give you?

What can you give me?! - the boy said.

So monk told him:

- Whatever you want. I can make you very rich or a king, which one do you want?  Or would you like that the stones and trees to help and talk to you everywhere you go by? Or do you want to learn the languages of poultry, animals and birds? Tell me, what do you want me to give you?

I would like to learn the language of poultry, animals and birds. –the boy answered.

I will teach that to you, but never tell about this to anyone, otherwise you are going to die. The monk said.

I won’t tell anybody, just teach me. –the boy answered.

Without finishing his words, he began to understand all those the animals, poultry and birds said.

One evening, the man was having a walk with his wife. When they were passing near the hut, he heard that the donkey was talking to the ox. The ox was saying to the donkey that he was very lucky to stay and eat right there next to him, while he always was very tired working all day long in the field. The donkey began to laugh at him, but the ox asked for help. He asked the donkey what he had to do to stop working like that and donkey said:

Tomorrow night, when the farmer comes to take you, just pretend to be sick. Don’t eat pasture tonight so that he believes that you are really sick, so he’ll leave you alone.

The man heard all of the donkey’s words, but, while he was standing there, his wife saw and asked him what was he listening to, and he answered that he was watching what the animals were doing. Then they went home. When the farmer went in the morning to take the oxen to work in the field, he noticed that the ox was sick. He went to the man, who was the owner of them, told him about the ox and the man said:

Leave the ox rest today and take the donkey instead of him.

 So did the farmer.

The donkey was so dead-beat of the hard work he did that he couldn’t stand on his feet, and they took him to the stall, the owner went to hear what the donkey would say to the ox.

from the hard day he had, the donkey told said to the ox:

Get up as soon as you can to eat the pasture luxuriously, so that when the farmer comes here, he’ll notice you’ve got better, because I heard the owner haggling with a butcher and if you pretend to be sick even tonight, they will get you and tomorrow at midnight they’ll slaughter you.

After hearing all those words, the ox stood up at once and ate all the pasture he found. The owner saw everything and began to laugh, and his wife asked him what was going on.

He said he just remembered something, but she said.

No, you weren’t thinking, you noticed something from the animals.

No, no – the boy said- something funny just came into mind.

A few days later, they were going to butcher the sheep and the man together with his wife and the little son they had, went to the pasture where they used to dine.

After he packed the mare, he got on her and took the boy, but he let his wife, who was pregnant walk on her feet.

They passed the village, and wife said to the man that she got tired walking. So she got on the mare, even though the mare was pregnant too. They rode for a while, and the colt coming from behind said to the mare to wait for him because he was very tired, and she said:

You are on your own and got tired, what about me carrying four people on my back, and the stuff and the colt inside me, what should I say? So I’m not waiting for you, if you want to come, hurry!

The man heard all those words and told his wife to get down, but she didn’t want to and he got her down onerously.

When they arrived at the pasture, farmers saw their master and caught a lamb to knife. The lamb bleated and told his mother that they were going to kill him, but she said:

From all the children I have had till now, you were the only one that is still alive. Even you will be gone because the master is going to eat you, son. But he can do what he wants because we are in his hands.

The man heard the sheep and ordered the farmers to let go the lamb and go catch another one. They caught another lamb, but the animals said the same things again to each other. They caught the third and when the lamb said to his mother that they were going to knife him, she answered:

From all the five children I have had, the master hasn’t killed any of them. Therefore you must be his scapegoat. So the farmers took him, slaughtered and roasted him, and after eating they went all asleep.

The wolves came at night and they were telling the dogs not to make a single sound, because they would go to take some meat and would bring some to the dogs too. The herdsmen had cubs that they were keeping and feeding really well, and an old dog that they fed once in a while. The cubs said to the wolves:

We’ll bark but don’t be afraid, come and take the meat and leave some for us too.

The old dog said:

Go away or I will leave these two last teeth I have in your flesh. Tonight my master is here and I don’t want to be ashamed because there has been such a long time I have eaten his bread.

The master heard everything and the next morning he ordered the herdsmen to bring the dogs there. And after they brought the three of them, the man ordered them to kill the cubs and keep the old dog and feed him really well.

They were very surprised from this, but he told them to kill the cubs right in front of him, and so did they.

When they got back home, wife began to cry and didn’t do any housework. He asked her what was going on and she said he didn’t love her like the other men loved their wives, because he knew something and he didn’t tell her.

He said he had told her everything, but she told him:

That night when he went outside to have a walk, you were laughing at the hut, when we went to the pasture you got us down the mare just as she began to whicker, then you ordered the farmers not to knife the first two lambs and the next morning you ordered them to kill the cubs and keep the old dog.

The man said that if he told her then he would die, but she said nothing would happen but he just had to tell her the truth.

He said he would tell her everything if she did all the house works. She finished all the work and was waiting for the husband to tell her.

The man kept a dog in the house and when he found what was going on, he began to cry out loud for his master. While the dog was barking, the cock waved his limb to the hens and they formed in front of him, then he began to feast.

The dog said to the cock:

Hey cock, it’s okay that you don’t feel ashamed, but how can’t you feel sorry about our master that is going to die? Instead, you are dancing and singing with the hens?!!

The cock turned to him:

That’s how our master is, so he should go behind the sun and it will be better for me. I and my wives will eat everything we want.

Just for you to know, I have forty wives and once I raise my arm, they tremble with fear from me. While our master has a single wife and look what she did to him. In my opinion, he deserves that.

And according to you, what should he do? –the dog asked.

And the cock said:

If he heard me, he should take his wife, keep her closed inside one of the rooms and beat her till he bruises her.

The man heard the cock’s words and that’s what he did he took his wife to the room, and instead of telling her the truth, he beat her really hard, then he got married with another woman, better than the first.