Once upon a time there were two boys walking on the road, one of them was right man while the other was the oblique one. They started arguing with each other and the right boy said:

‘‘The right is better’’, while the oblique boy said ‘‘the oblique is better!’’. And they were competing with each other about the right and the oblique and never came to an understanding.

Then they decided to ask the first man they would meet, and the one who would right, he would pull out the other boy’s eyes. They walked for quite a long time, and the devil with a human face came in front of them. Then they asked him:

Sir, what do you think? Which is better, the right or the oblique?

The oblique! – the devil said.

They decided to ask one more about this. They had walked for a long time, when the devil showed up again, this time like an old man. And they asked:

Which is better, the right or the oblique?

  The oblique! –the devil said again.

They thought it would be better to ask a third person. Walking and walking they were, when the devil appeared again this time, but with another look. They asked him again:

Which is better, the right or the oblique?

The oblique is better. –the devil said again.

Then the oblique boy took the right one, leaned him near an oak, and pulled his eyes out.

After the oblique boy went away, the right one climbed the tree to the top to pass the night there.

In the evening, the devils came and gathered around the oak.

When all of them were in the right place, the first of devils got up and began to ask all of them about what they had done that day.

One of them said: - I passed the ringworm to the king’s daughter.

Then the second said: - there are some men, who are brothers that want to bridge, but I have done something for that to fall always down, they build the bridge up at night and at night it falls to pieces.

The third said: - I have made two people blind each other

Then the first of devils asked them how the ringworm could be healed, how the bridge could stand and how a blind man could be healed.

So the other devils answered about what they did.

The ringworm can be healed only by the fountain water.

The bridge can stand if they take the stones from the decrepit castle and put them in the foundation.

The blind man must rub his eyes with the ashes of our fire.

The dawn came and the devils went away to do their works. Then the blind boy climbed down, rubbed his eyes with the fire’s ash and started looking like before. He went to the fountain, took some water and took off to the king’s palace. When he arrived, he said to the guard men:

I have come here to heal the king’s daughter.

But the guard men didn’t let him in and at that moment he began to shout out loud:

I want to speak to the king, I want to speak to the king...

King listened and asked the guards who he was, even they said:

He is a crazy man who says that he’s come to cure the princess.

The king told them to let him get inside the palace. Just as he got inside, he told to the king:

Only me can cure your daughter.

The king felt that he wasn’t insane, but very sure about what he was saying, so they went to the princess.

After he washed her hair with the fountain water, she recovered at once.

Then the king gave him seven horses packed full with gold to thank him. The right boy took them and went to the place where the two brothers were bridging and told them:

To make the bridge strong and resistant you should take the cornerstones of the decrepit castle and put them in the foundation.

They did as the right boy told them to do and the bridge never fell. So they recompensed him.

The right boy went home and met with the oblique boy who had blinded him. When he saw the right boy that could see like before and full with gold, he was very surprised and asked him:

What did you do that your eyes are healed? Where did you get all that gold?!

The right gave it to me. –he answered.

Then the oblique begged the right boy to blind him too and take him to the same tree he stood all night long. So the right boy didn’t indispose him, blinded him and took him to the same place he was.

When it got dark, all the devils gathered again as they used to, and the first of them was shouting out loud and mad to the others:

Which of you told the king how to cure his daughter, the soldiers how to build up a resistant bridge and the blind how to get his eyesight back?

But the devils just shrugged surprised and swore they knew nothing about this.

Their leader lost his temper and began to beat them all. At that time, one of the devils saw the oblique man on the top of the tree and said to his friends:

There it is the one who has told everything.

The oblique heard them and fell down because of fear among the devils. They caught him and beat him so hard he couldn’t even stand on his feet.