Once upon a time a big theft had erupted all over the country. The king was very confused because the complaints were coming every day and besides the fact that he had ordered for hard restrictions all around the country, they hadn’t still caught any thief.

One day, a lady, whom they had stolen the last intake of gold, went to the king and said to him:

 Your Majesty, I beg you to find my gold because now I am being miserable. Please, order them to stop the theft, otherwise do not have the right to get our king, but dismiss the throne and I’ll enthrone and discover who dares to do such things.

King was shocked and embarrassed by the words the woman told and said:

Go off calm lady, I promise you will find them by myself.

That night the king disguised himself like a farmer, put guns in his belt and took off on his way.  Walking this way and that, he met with two thieves and after he understood their intentions, he approached and said:

Can I be your friend?

They thought him harmless, so they said:

One of us can understand what dogs say when barking, while the other sees how many people are there sleeping in the house. What about you?

King recognized them, one of them was the commandant of the army and the other one was one of the members of the Council, then he said:

I know a nice trick. If we get caught, that I hope it never happens, I know how we can escape and give you away.

Then they said:

Sir, there can’t be anyone as happy as we are right now. We can do what we want. We can even steal the wealth of the king.

Why not?  - the other thief said.

And I think we should do it tonight. - said the king who was dressed like a peasant.

They swore to each other and went to steal the king’s safe. When they arrived, dogs began to bark on the road. They asked each other:  "What are they saying?" and the one who knew the dogs’ language responded: "They are saying that one of us is the king".

But the other got angry and turned to him: "No, there is no chance, you haven’t got well what they are barking about" and continued their way without giving the dogs any importance. After they went to the place where the king’s safe was, the king asked the one who could recognize how many people they  are awake and how many were asleep, "come on, tell us how many soldiers are there and what they are doing?"

He answered: "There are forty soldiers, thirty-nine are asleep but the fortieth is awakened and ready."

They waited for a little bit and started working. The two thieves broke in, while the king stood outside to watch over if anyone came and caught them. They took as much gold as they could carry and went outside, and when they met with the king he said them to give him the part that belonged to him, but they laughed and said:

We will give you the next time.

Then they ran away without giving him anything. Then the king returned to the palace and put on his royal garments. The next day he called the Council for a very important situation.  In the middle of discussion, king told to the commandant:

Tell us Mr. Lieutenant, what are the dogs that are barking outside saying?

Then lieutenant, as well as his friend who was the Council member, remembered last night work, and were terrified. Within a second, they kneeled on front of the king and begged him for forgiveness. King said:

Gentlemen, I said even last night that I knew a trick of how to rescue if we were caught stealing and I intend to keep my word. But at first, you must give me all what you got last night, then bring me the gold of woman who is poor because of you and in the end tell for all the thefts you’ve done so far.

 And as he said these words, the Council talks were over.

From that day on, they never heard of thefts in the country and people were appeased and stopped complaining, while the king compassed that they were his servants who had stolen the country.