Once upon a time, there was a family in a village, composed by the father, the mother and their only son. He grew up and it was the time he should get married, so his parents told him to get engaged but he didn’t like any of the girls in the village, so his parents gave up and left him decide whatever he wanted. The boy took off to the town. There he met a tailor who was his father’s friend. After a little talk, the boy said: ‘‘sir, if you’re really my father’s friend, I want you to find me a girl with the best qualities.’’ Then the tailor said: ‘‘I’ve been told that there is a very good girl at a village nearby, but her father wants the future groom to live in their house because his wife doesn’t live anymore and all he has in this world is his daughter ’’

And the boy said: - If she’s really good it’s great, the other things are not a problem.

The next day, the father of the girl went to the market and the tailor pointed at him so that the boy could see who the man was. The boy saw him and had a good impression because the father of the girl was clean and neat, and his clothes had no patches on his suit and his clothes were sewn carefully. When the farmer set off to get back home, the boy followed and reached him at the half of the road. On their way they came to a downhill and the old man was barely climbing. The boy took the opportunity to begin the conversation and said to the old man: - Hey old man, why don’t we both buy a horse with a penny so we can go down the hill?

- What are you saying boy?! How can we buy a horse with a penny?! - said the old man surprised.

- I thought we could. - said the boy and they continued the way.

When they came to the village, the boy said to the old man that the grass was still wet:

- Is there anyone in this village who has harvested the wet grass?

- What are you talking about, son?! How can the grass get harvested when it is still wet?! - said the old man.

And boy acting silly as the first time, said: - I thought maybe, old man. So they went on down the road that brought them in front of the old man's house. The boy tried on purpose to delay the old man’s arrival at home, so that when they would get there in the evening and he could sleep at his house, because he had told him he was going to the village nearby.

When the old man reached the house, the boy pretended he was giving the goodbye, but the old man said:

- Now it’s very dark, you can’t go anywhere. Come and stay tonight at my house and leave tomorrow.

The boy accepted with pleasure and entered a well paved room. In fact, this had been his purpose from the beginning, because he just wanted to see the girl, her work and her way of thinking.

He could see her from the window when she went outside at the yard to get some wood. Her face seemed so sweet to him that he didn’t notice she had a lame leg.

Now he wanted to see how she saw things. So the boy faking again like he was dumb:- Old man, the king can live in this house, but the chimney is somewhat crooked.

The girl was behind the door and didn’t wait her father answer the boy but said:

- No matter if it is crooked, it’s important for the smoke to go right.

Such a response was enough to prove the girl’s mind. But her father, who didn’t think so deep, was annoyed with his daughter and left the room to order her cook the dish and on the other side began to lecture. He didn’t understand why she should answer the fool boy who had been asking silly questions all the time.

Then the old man told her what the boy had told at the downhill, about the wet grass and then for the chimney. The girl listened to her father till the end and said:

- No, those words aren’t nonsense: If he told you about the horse, he did that because you couldn’t go up the hill and it would help you. As for the grass, you know that in most cases villagers cut the green grass, and he was talking about my limp leg when he was talking about the chimney.

The boy heard all those words at the end of the room and at that moment persuaded that the next morning he should ask the old man for the hand of his daughter. After they ate and drank, they fell asleep. In the morning, the boy said to the old man before leaving: - I came to your house just because I want your daughter to be my wife.

The old man thought a bit and went inside to ask the girl, which said: - If you don’t let me marry this guy, you know that I will never marry.

Then the old man went outside and told the boy he was going to allow the marriage, and the boy went home and told his parents about the engagement. Some time passed, and the boy's father said to his wife: "We must send a gift to the bride" and he ordered her to fill a large pot with honey, to cook a delicious crumpet and put twelve gold coins inside it. When the servant was getting ready to set off to the bride’s village, the groom ordered him to say to his father-in-law:  ‘‘Greetings from your groom, the full moon and not pinched, twelve months, and the kid standing’’

The servant set off. But on his way he stopped and stayed somewhere, trying to think about the words the mister said but didn’t understand. Then he took a piece from the crumpet, and got a little honey. And as he was eating the piece of crumpet, his teeth felt the gold coins. In the evening he came to the old man’s house, and while giving the gifts, he said the greetings the groom had given. The old man, who did not understand the words, began to curse himself for the bad life that his daughter was going to live, but the girl was very smart and understood the all of the words.  So she hosted the servant really well and the next morning told him: "Give my greeting to them from the bride, the moon pinched, ten months and the kid on the knees, but for the grouse’s sake don’t take the raven’s eyes out"

When he returned home, the servant told the boy all the words the girl had said to him. He realized that the servant had stolen him and was about to kill him, but he remembered the last words that had the girl had said: "For the grouse’s sake, don’t take the raven’s eyes out," and forgave the boy. Then he and the girl had a great wedding, they married and continued a happy life.