Once upon a time there was a shepherd who had a flock of sheep. One day, a monk went to the pastures and after being greeted, the shepherd said:

There is a bear which prosecutes me, he comes everyday around here and takes away five or six sheep.

I will kill the bear at once, and I want nothing but three bags in return with curd. -  said the monk.

So the shepherd gave monk the bags that he asked for. Before long, the bear came to take the sheep as he used to do. But the monk came in front of him and they began to scuffle with each other to show who was stronger.  The bear spoke and spoke, then the monk said:

I can crumble you like these stones.

At that moment he took out of the bag a piece of curd secretly so that the bear couldn’t see, then two other pieces and made the flour with all the pieces. The bear was open-mouthed, he took a white piece of rock, but he couldn’t crumble it. Then they made peace with each-other and became brothers. A little time passed and the bear got hungry, so he said to the monk to go and take an ox so that they could eat it, while he would go to the forest and take some wood. But the monk said:

You go, I don’t have the nerves to deal with an ox, I want a lion.

 The monk rescued himself from the ox with that trick and went to chop the wood.

The bear went away, stole an ox and came back. But the monk went to the woods, took a string, bound all the oaks like he wanted to pull them off simultaneously.

The bear was waiting but the monk didn’t return. So he got up and went to the forest, then he found the monk pretending to pull all the trees simultaneously. The bear was puzzled and said to himself: "This is a thousand times more powerful than me!" And he said:

We do not need all these trees, just take a couple of branches and come with me.

The monk told him:

I am not of those who just take two branches, so if you want, come and take them by yourself.

The bear pulled off two branches from an oak and they returned to where they had left the ox. The bear caught the oak and cut it, then he was getting ready to roast the meat. Monk said to the bear:

I am going to take some water, you just take care of the meat so that you don’t get tired.

But in fact he fled because he couldn’t spit such a big ox. The monk took a large bottle and went to a stream under a rock, and after he filled it, he tried but he could not hold it, and he was wondering how he would turn back. The bear got bored waiting and went there.

Why did you wait so long to come back? - said the bear.

The monk said: - I was trying to move up the rock because I would be ashamed to come with such little water, if you want to take the can, it won’t bother me.

The bear took the can and threw into his arms walking in the street, the bear said to the monk:

Let’s quarrel.

Go away, you can never beat me. – the monk said.

But the bear did not give up and finally they began wrestling. The bear squeezed the monk as much as he blushed and changed expression, and when the bear saw him he said: - How did you get like this?

And the monk replied:

I don’t know what to do. If I throw you here, I’ll mammock you, and the worst could happen if I throw you there.

Bear was freaking out and let him off. A little later they went to the place they roasted the ox, and began to eat, but the monk was filled very soon. Bear said "Why don’t you eat?", and he replied:

I ate two or three sheep when I went to fetch the water.

After the dinner, the bear said to the monk to go at his house. When they got home, the bear called aside his mother and sister and told them to sharpen the ax so that he would kill his friend, because he was stronger and that was the only way they could escape once and for all. But the sister’s bear told the monk what was going on. After dinner, they went to sleep. The monk fake like he was sleeping where they had made his bed but he really went down the donkey saddle. The bear got up at night, went and hit about three or four times with the ax and went sleeping. The next morning the bear went to cut wood. When he saw the monk, he was terrified, then he asked him how he slept at night and the monk said:

- Very good, only that a couple of fleas bit me at midnight.

The bear was marveled by this man’s strength and after he told him what had done the night that passed, the bear prayed to monk to make him as strong as himself. The monk said:

Don’t worry because this job is so easy, I just want a kettle full of milk.

Bear went to the shepherd and when he noticed that he was still alive, he came back home, lit a fire and put the kettle full of milk on it.

When the milk began to boil, the monk told the bear to put his head in the milk to grow stronger.

Just as he put his head inside the kettle, monk pushed him and the bear got broiled.

Monk turned to the shepherd and told him that the bear was dead. The shepherd told him he could ask anything he wanted, but the monk took only a goat kid. He took off but the night came and he was near the wolf hole. When he got asleep, the wolf came and ate the goat kid. Then the monk took a sack and closed the wolf hole with it because of anger. He went to a remote village and when the priest saw him, he asked why he had come. The monk replied:

I came to sell a shepherd, and he is very good because he does not eat much food.

Where is the shepherd? - asked the priest.

I have taken him in the sack. - said the monk.

The priest took the sack and the monk left and took off again. The next day the priest opened the window to see if the new shepherd had taken the sheep out to graze but wolf had killed all the sheep. Priest took the riffle and went to catch the monk. On his way, monk met with some thieves who didn’t know how to divide the money they had stolen. They trusted in him because they saw he was a monk and told him to divide the money. And he said:

I don’t want the hassle, that’s why I will bind you all around the tree.

Once he bound them, he took all their money and filled his pockets, then he ran away. But the priest was coming and he looked at the thieves and asked:

Have you seen a monk pass here?

He passed right here! Unbind us because he stole all the money we had, so we can go and catch him together.

The priest went together with the thieves right to the monk’s house. When the monk saw them, he called all the villagers and everyone went to his house. They caught the priest and the thieves and kicked them really hard.