Once upon a time two brothers who were thieves, and they had a sister. They had been looking for a long time for a a friend like they them and marry their sister with him. Few years passed, they were walking on their way when they found a man and told him: - Where are you going, man? If you accept, we will give you our sister because we have a long time looking for someone who can by our confidant.

After he stared at them for a while, he said: - I might come with you, but tell me, what kind of men are you and what work do you do? They told the truth, that they were thieves. They became friends thereafter, they gave him their sister.

One day, Mosko and Tosko, these were the thieves’ names, went to see their sister at the husband’s house because they were missing her. When they arrived, they didn’t found her husband, he was at the gristmill. Mosko said to his sister: - Could you give some water, my dear sister?

Sister went to fetch water to her brothers. The first who drank was Tosko, and when he was drinking the water, he saw the junk hung on the ceiling.

Mosko drank too, then he asked his brother: - Did you see the junk?

- Yes, I saw it. Did you see? – answered Tosko.

- I saw it too. – Mosko said.

And after they greeted with their sister, they took off. At that moment, husband came and said to his wife: - Did anyone come in here today?

- Yes, my brothers came to see me because they missed me. – the wife answered.

- Did they ask you for something? – the husband asked again.

- They asked me for water. – she said.

- Did you give them the water?

- Yes, I did. – she answered.

- And did they say anything after that?

- After they drank water, they both said: ‘‘did you see it?’’, ‘‘Yes, I saw it!’’

When both husband and wife went to sleep, both brothers came at night, Mosko meowed like a cat while Tosko entered the house. The man heard the mew and said to his wife: - Woman, where did you put the junk?

- I put it on the ceiling. - replied the woman.

Tosko climbed to the ceiling, took the junk and both of them ran away. The husband went and looked at the place where his wife said she had put the junk but he didn’t find anything on the ceiling. Then he realized what had just happened and tracked down the two brothers, he reached them and went in front of Mosko who had taken the junk because Tosko was tired and had slowed. Running together with Mosko, the man said: - Give me the junk brother, you are so tired.

So Mosko gave that to him because he thought it was his brother speaking. After taking the junk, the man came back home.

When Tosko met with Mosko, he said: - And you, where are you keeping the junk?!

How is that so?! - said Mosko. - I gave it to you. Did you forget that you came to me and said, ‘‘Give me the junk brother, you are so tired? "

Tosko realized that someone had done the trick to them and said to Mosko: - You just sit here and I'm going to find the junk.

Tosko hastened so much that he reached the house before the man did, went inside and wore like a woman. The man returned home and gave the junk to Tosko because he thought he was his wife. Tosko took the junk, and went to Mosko, then they stood at a place where they could bake it. The man noticed that they had chiseled him, and do you guess what he did?

He went to a burnt oak nearby the place whre the two brothers were staying, he colored his whole face with the wood’s cinders, and he looked like an Arabian. Then he went in front of them and teethed. Tosko, while cooking the junk, saw him and freaked out, and awaked Mosko that was sleeping at that moment.

Mosko was terrified because he thought it was a hobgoblin, so they ran away of fear and forgot the junk afire.

The man took the junk again and turned back home. Then he told his wife: - Go and tell your brothers to come here for dinner.

The woman went and told her brothers: - My husband sent me to tell you that tonight you’re invited at our house.

So both brothers got up and went with her. When they sat down, the man put the junk on the table to eat.

They tried a lot to cut the meat with their teeth, but it was impossible, it couldn’t go to pieces because they hadn’t cooked it enough. So they said to the brother-in-law:

Hey brother, but you brought us uncooked meat.

Then he said: - That’s because you’ve cooked it that bad. This is the junk you wanted to steal from me.

Wow, that was you last night who freaked us out?! – they said.

Yes, it was me. – the man said. – I wanted to show you how capable I am.

Thereafter, they were confidants and always worked together.