Once upon a time there were three boys who had bacchanals every single night. One night the king wore like a monk, went into their room and said:

Tonight I am your guest.

You’re welcome, you pilgrim man. – said the boys.

So the boys began the bacchanal singing and having fun, then one of them said: - Ah, what if I had the king’s daughter!

Then the second said: - Ah, what if I had the best horse of the king!

And the third: - Oh, I don’t wish any of these, I would just want to have no debts.

The next morning the king got up and went home, then sent people to tell the boys to go and feast at the king’s palace. They went to the king and he asked them: - What kind of people are you?

They answered: - We are so miserable and very poor. We work during the whole day and at night we only feast.

Then the king asked: - Did you host a guest at your house last night?

They were terrified and stopped speaking, but the king told them: - Don’t be afraid, just tell the truth, I won’t do anything to you.

So they said: - Last night he had a monk as a guest.

- What have you said in front of him? – the king said.

The one who wanted the king’s daughter said: ‘‘I said: - Ah, what if I had the king’s daughter!’’

And the king, very comfortable with that, said: - Go and take her!

The boy went to her, but they had prepared a big plate with three kinds of grapes, white, black and red grapes.

The hoodwinked him and said: - There are three kinds of grapes in this plate. If you are able to recognize which one is red, black and white, then you can marry the king’s daughter.

So the boy began to eat the grapes; he ate white one, then the red one and the black one, but couldn’t tell them from each other.

After he tasted them, he was asked: - Which kind of grape was the best?

He said: - They tasted the same to me.

Then they told him: - If they tasted the same, why do you want the king’s daughter? For you, wife is the same either she is poor, or rich or the king’s daughter.

So go and find your fate and leave the princess find her fate.

When he was done there, the king called him and asked: - Did you take the princess?

I feel terrible, Your Majesty, but to me they tasted the same. – boy said.

The king forgave him and told him to leave.

Then he asked the second boy: - And you, what have you asked for?

I just wanted the best horse the king had. – he answered.

So the king ordered his servants to go and take the best horse he had. The boy went to pick the best horse by himself and king allowed him to go and his work.

Then the king asked the third boy: - And you boy, what did you wish for?

‘‘I said: I wish I had no debts!’’ – the boy answered.

Then the king told him: - Where have you seen a man without any debt? Me too, even if I am a king, I have debts. Then he ordered his servants to take him and cut his head. So the second boy was the only who gained the upper hand. The first went home empty-handed, while the third one failed headless.