Once upon a time there was a man, who did nothing but stole things. He had a little nephew. One day, the nephew said to his uncle:

I want to join you and we can steal together.

So his uncle let him join him. Walking on the road, they saw someone who had a goat. The nephew told him to steal the goat, but the uncle said:

- We can’t, don’t you see that he has tied the rope around his hand!

But the nephew objected and said he could take the goat right in that moment, and his uncle said:

- Okay then, let’s see if you can do that.

The nephew went closer to the man and in the middle of the way he left a new shoe, but covered in mud.

The man who had the goat saw it, but he didn’t take it because of the mud.

A little farther, the nephew took out the other shoe, but this time it was clean. Then man saw that shoe too and was wondering:

- This shoe is new and clean. – and the other shoe covered in mud came into his mud.

He tied the goat at a prick bough and turned back to take the dirty shoe too. After a little walk he found the dirty shoe, then he ran to take the goat. But when he reached the place, the goat wasn’t there, nor the clean shoe. So the boy did take the goat and the uncle got very surprised. On their way, they saw a farmer working in the field with two oxen.

They went to the top of the hill and the boy said to his uncle:

Can you go there and steal one of his oxen?

He turned: - No, I can’t do that.

- Okay, I’m going right now to get one. – the nephew said and began to scream.

- Oh, what my eyes are seeing, a man who’s working in the field with a single ox.

He screamed that for three or four times till the  farmer heard what he said, so the farmer left his oxen in the field and got to the top of the hill to see who was doing that. At that time the boy went down, took one of the oxen and went away together with his uncle.

Poor farmer went to the top, and when he saw an ox in the field, he said:

- Wow, I’m really working with a single ox.

After a little walk, uncle said to his nephew:

- I will keep the ox, while you’ll get the goat.

But nephew said:

- No way, I’m getting the ox and you the goat, I stole them.

The uncle, who pretended to be smarter than his nephew, told him:

- Let’s do like this, the one of us who gets scared will take them both.

They went into the woods and uncle said to the boy to start scaring him, but the nephew asked him to start first.

The uncle began but the boy wouldn’t get scared at all.

He screamed as loud as he could, but the boy said:

- I know that it’s you, uncle. I know your voice.

Then the uncle gave up. So the nephew began to frighten his uncle saying: I didn’t do that, my uncle did. – he told screaming:

- You’ll never catch me, but you can have my uncle because he is closer to you than I am. So the uncle was terrified because he thought the boy had been caught and he ran away. Nephew took the goat and the ox and went back home, and asked his uncle why he had run away. He said:

- I thought they caught you, so I ran away, I had the fear they would catch me to.

So the nephew took both the goat and the ox. One day, uncle went out to steal on his own. But they caught him stealing and killed him. Then they took his body and hang it out in a tree near the house. The nephew took the donkey and went to the hose they had hung his uncle, and he told the householder to let him sleep in his house for that one night. The man let him sleep in there but the boy said:

- I am staying, but I’m afraid the dead man steals my donkey.

- Oh no, I can’t happen, boy! Don’t be crazy! - the house people told him.

So the boy bound the donkey outside and went to sleep inside together with the others. Then he got up at night, took his uncle, put his body over the donkey, un bound the donkey, sent him home and went again inside to fall asleep. When he woke up in the morning, he said:

- Oh no, the dead man has stolen my donkey.

All the people of the house got up from bed and watched everywhere, but they couldn’t find the donkey. So the householder had to pay him fifty pennies on the stolen donkey. The boy took off and went home. He caught the donkey on his way. He tried to make his uncle stand like a normal on the donkey and he put a pipe in his mouth.

There was a farmer nearby who was threshing the wheat. The boy set the donkey free and then he hid.

The donkey went in the middle of the field, and when the farmer saw him, he began to call the dead man:

- Hey you man, make your donkey stop, he’s going to eat my wheat.

But the donkey wasn’t stopping and the farmer warned the dead for the last time.

When he noticed that the man on the donkey wasn’t listening to him, he took the scull and beat the dead man on his head, and his body fell off at once. The boy saw what just happened and ran to the man. He told him:

- What did you just do? You killed my uncle!

- No I didn’t, I didn’t beat him too hard. – the villager said.

So the villager had to pay him too for the loss of his uncle. He reached six bags full of gold doing the same thing again and again, then he went home rich and buried his uncle.