Once upon a time there was a king who had three daughters. After his death, another king was enthroned, who ordered that nobody in his kingdom would turn the lights on.

Everyone was informed about the king’s order, so he got ready and went out to see what was going on in his kingdom.

After a little walk, he went to the former king’s daughters’ house.

He put his ear on the door to listen to what they were talking about, and the oldest of sisters was saying:

- If the king married me, I would make him a big silken carpet, so that it could take the whole army and more.

Then the middle sister began to say:

 - If the king married me, I would make him a tent so that cover over the whole army and more.

In the end, the youngest one said:

- If the king married me, I will give a son and a daughter with a star on the forehead and a lunette on the chest.

After he heard all these words, the next morning the king sent his guards to take the sisters and he got married with all of them.

According to the given words, the oldest of sisters made him a silken carpet, the middle one made him a tent. And a little time later, the youngest of them, was pregnant.

The king wasn’t there the day she was due to give birth to the baby because he had gone hunting.

But he came home, he asked what did his wife give birth to, and the two other sisters said: - She gave birth to a puppy and a mousekin.

Then the king gave order to take the youngest sister to the stairs of the palace, so that everyone who would pass there, should spit on her.

The other sisters took the boy and the girl, put them inside a box, then they gave the box to someone to take the babies to the river.

But the wind was blowing, and the box was thrown to the other side of the river.

There, in a gristmill, an old man lived together with his wife.

The old woman found the box and took it inside the mill, and when they opened the box, they saw the boy and the girl with a star on the forehead and a lunette on the chest.

They were surprised, but they decided to keep them and bring them up. Little time passed and the old woman died, but it didn’t last too long and the old man died too. Just before he died, he called his son and said:

- I’ve got a pair of curbs inside the cave, and if you want them to do whatever you want them to do, don’t open the cave within the next forty days.

Forty days passed, and the boy opened the cave and took the curbs with him. Just as he took them into his hands, the boy asked for two horses and they showed up at once. Then he took his sister and both of them took off to their father’s land. When they got there, the boy opened a café, while his sister stood at home and did the house works.

One day, the king went to the café because he had heard that it was the best in town and when he saw the boy with a star on his forehead, he was marveled by his beauty.

That night he went later than usual at the palace and his two wives asked him why he was so late, and the king told them:

- A very handsome boy had opened a café, and the strangest thing is that he had a star on his forehead.

When they heard the story, they were terrified and started thinking of how to kill the boy. They sent an old woman to the boy’s sister and the old woman said to the girl:

- Your brother doesn’t love you, he stays all day long at the café and diverts, but he leaves you here at home alone. If he loves you, tell him to bring you flowers from the Beauty so that you can play with it.

When the boy came home, he saw his sister sad and asked her what was going on. Then she said:

- What can I say, you leave me here alone at home, while you go everywhere you want.

- If you really love me, go and take a flower at the Beauty, you’ll make me so happy.

At that time the boy took the curbs that turned into a horse and took off. On his way a dragon showed up and said:

- I would feel terrible if I ate you, you’re so marvelous.

The boy asked the dragon to tell him the road to the Beauty, then she said:

- I don’t know that son, but go ask once my sister.

So the boy went to the dragon’s middle sister. She flinged off in front of him, so that she could eat him, but when she noticed that he was so magic, she didn’t even touch him.

Then the boy asked her where the Beauty lived, and she told him to ask her oldest sister.

Even the oldest sister wanted to eat him at first, but she was marveled by his beauty and stopped.

The boy asked her and she told him:

- When you reach her gateway, wipe it with your handkerchief so that it opens, then when you get inside, you’ll see a lion and a lamb. Give some pate to the lion and some pasture to the lamb.


The boy took off and did what the oldest dragon told him to do. After he took the flower, he went back home and gave it to his sister. The girl was so happy and began to play with it. The same day, the two king’s wives sent the old woman again to the girl. So the old woman asked her if her brother brought the flower, and when the girl showed her the flower, she said:

- Okay then, but if you had the Beauty’s handkerchief, you would’ve been happier.

When her brother came home, the girl began to cry. He asked her what was going on and she told him:

- Even if the flower gives me joy, without the Beauty’s handkerchief I’ll never be happy.

So the boy, to not indispose his sister, bestrode the horse, took the handkerchief and came back home. The next morning the old woman went to meet with the girl and asked her about the handkerchief, then she said:

- Lucky you! You’ve got a brother that brings you everything you want, but if you want to live like a princess, he should bring here the handkerchief’s owner.

Again the boy went for his sister to the oldest dragon and she said:

- Go and try son, but won’t be that easy to take the Beauty with you. You should find her ring, there’s where her heart is.

The boy went to the palace, then he passed the lion and the lamb and went to her room while she was sleeping.

He approached slowly, took the ring from her finger. At that moment the Beauty woke up and saw herself tied up and without the ring. The boy went home without wasting time, and the sister was waiting happy for him all joy.

The next morning, king went to the café and invited the boy and his sister for dinner at the palace.

Then, his two diabolic wives ordered the cooks to poison all the dishes that they would serve to the boy and the girl.

I t got dark, and the boy went home, took his sister and the Beauty, his wife now, and went to the king’s palace. During the dinner, the boy, the girl and his wife didn’t taste any of the dishes, because the Beauty said them that the food was poisoned. When the dinner was over, the king told everyone to tell a story, according to their custom. When the boy’s turn came, he told everything about what had happened to him and his sister.

Then the king understood that they were his children and he was so mad to his two other wives that he mammocked them. Then he married their mother again and the boy could reign with his father.