Once upon a time there was a man and begged to the Death ‘‘Come and take me!’’

One day, Death showed up and told him: - What do you want from me?

Then, the brave said: - I am bored here in this world, I’m broke and I don’t need this life anymore.

Death asked him if he wanted to get rich and he said yes.

Then she said: - I will render you a doctor. You should take a soil leaves, boil them and make some tea, fill a bottle with it, then I will bring you luck and prosperity. Each time you’ll visit a patient and you see me there, don’t even try to cure him because they will not live. If you won’t see me, then take on curing him.

It was rumored that a new doctor had come and all the patients asked him to visit them. One day, he went to visit a patient, who had three years being malingered. The Death wasn’t there, so the doctor took on curing him and swore he would heal him. There were other doctors in the room, who said:

 We’ve been curing him for three years, but we couldn’t heal him, so don’t take on curing him. He said:

You haven’t been healing the patient in these three years, but I’m going to heal him in three days.

The doctors started laughing at him, but he left the bottle full of tea to the patient and ordered him to drink three cups of it a day, one in the morning, the other one at midday and the last one at night, and he should do this repeatedly in three days. The patient began to drink the medicine the new doctor gave him, so he recovered three after.

The other doctors were very surprised, while he took lots of money for what he did and went away.

One other day, they asked him to go and visit a boy who wasn’t that ill. When he arrived at the patient, he saw the other doctors hanging over the patient.

He looked all over the place and saw the Death, and said to the boy’s parents: - I am so sorry but this boy will not live for too long.

When the other doctors heard him, they said: - Don’t worry because the boy isn’t at risk.

Then the new doctor said: - I’m sorry but he is going to die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Then he went away.

The other doctors were laughing and said: - Don’t listen to him because he is insane.

They began to give him the medicine, but as the new doctor said, he died two days after.

After what happened that day, they asked for the new doctor anywhere, and he became more famous and richer.

One day, walking on the road, the new doctor met with the Death and she asked him where he was going. He said that he was having a walk and she said: - Let’s have a walk together!

He accepted and joined her in the walk.

The Death took him into a room full of candles. The doctor was very surprised when he saw all those candles, then he asked Death: - What are all these jellyfishes?

Death said: - Everyone has his candle, and the doctor asked:

What is that candle that flashed right now?

Right now a baby was just born, and his candle got lit on. – Death said

What about the one that was out? – said the doctor.

Someone just died and his candle is out- Death responded.

Looking all over the place, the new doctor noticed a candle going out bit by bit.

He was curious and asked death: - And what about this one?

Death said: - This is your candle.

Then, the doctor, terrified, started begging to Death: - Please, pour some oil to it so that it won’t go out so quickly.

And death responded: - Even if I poured oil, it wouldn’t last that much. So, go and finish your last dues, you’ve got only three hours left.

Then the doctor begged and said: - I’ll give you all the money I earned, just leave me live this life a little longer.

Death said for the last time: - Nothing can save you anymore, so go and settle your debts.

Then, the doctor got out, went to meet his acquaintances and settle all his debts. Three hours later he died.