A father sent his son to the land of devils to learn from them all the diableries. A season passed, and the boy learned all the diableries that they knew, he even surpassed them. After his father learned that the boy had learned what he had to learn, he went to take him back home. When they went home, son said to his father: -Tomorrow I will turn into a very good horse and you will take me to the market to sell me, just remember to keep the bridle with you.

They got up the next morning, boy turned into a horse and the father took him to the market for sale. He could sell him and take too much money, but he didn’t forget to take the bridle with him at home.

Little time passed, and the boy who was turned into a horse, ran away from his owner and got back home to his father.

The next morning, he turned into a donkey and the father took him again to the market for sale, to earn more money this time. But there came the devils that had trained him, and asked his father: - How much do you sell this donkey?

The man told them how much the donkey cost and after they agreed for the price, the devils took the money out to buy the donkey.

Then he told them: Sorry but I cannot give you the bridle.

The insisted to take that, and as they were arguing about the bridle, the donkey ran away from them.

Devils ran to follow the donkey, so when the donkey noticed he couldn’t escape, he turned into a rabbit, but the devils turned into dogs and heeled him.

They went so closer that they tried to catch him, but the rabbit turned into an apple and fell on the queen’s lap.

The dogs turned into two monks and told the queen:

If you believe in God, gives us to apple that has fallen on your lap, because we have been looking for anywhere and we have argued with each other about it.

Queen looked at them and said: - Shame on you! It’s so stupid to argue about an apple! Take that and go away! I don’t want to see anymore.

That’s all she said and threw the apple to the monks. But just before the apple could fall in their hands, it turned into millet and spread all over the place. It didn’t last much time and the millet turned into a fox, then she lurched to the hens and strangled them.

So, the boy had digested the diableries so good, that he could outfox even the people he had learned them from.