Once upon a time there was a queen who had no children. She went out every day, bend the knees to the sun to give her a son or a daughter and when he or she was twelve years old, the sun could take the child back.

After lots of prayers to the sun, the queen gave birth to a baby girl. The girl grew up and they sent her to the school. One day, on the way, the sun saw her and said:

Tell your mother to give me what she had promised me.

The girl went to the mother and told her the sun’s words, but the queen told her:

Tell the sun that she is still small.

So when she met with the sun, told him what her mother had said.

The day when the girl turned twelve years old, she was going to school, and the sun came out, grabbed her, and took her to his home.

The queen waited for too long but the girl wasn’t coming home, and she understood that the sun had taken the girl from her as she had promised him.

  Then she painted the whole house in black, closed the door and never opened it, but stood inside day and night and cried for the lost girl.

The sun kept a dragon at his house and when she noticed somebody had come inside, said:

I smell king scent.

And the sun told her:

She’s my daughter, don’t even touch her!

One day, the sun told his daughter to go to the garden and take a cabbage. She went outside and when she cut the cabbage, she said:

‘‘My mother’s heart aches as the cabbage right here’’ – and she began to cry. The sun saw her and said:

- Why are you crying? Do you miss your mother?

She told him she missed her mother too much so he said:

- If you want to go back home, call the birds to take you there.

Just as the girl called the birds, the sun called the dragon and asked her:

- If you get hungry, what do you want to eat?

- I want to eat the girl. –the dragon said.

- But if you get thirsty, what do you want to drink?

- I’ll drink her blood. –the dragon answered.

So the sun understood that the dragon would kill her, so he told her to call the woods’ animals. So the girl called the deer. The sun asked the deer:

- If you get hungry, what do you want to eat?

 - I will eat the fresh grass. –the deer said.

But if you get thirsty, what do you want to drink?

- I’ll drink some water, but when I take the girl home I want her mother to give me too much grass. –the deer answered.

The deer took the girl up his horns and set off. After a little while, the deer got hungry and said to the girl:

- Get to the top of the oak and if anybody calls you to get down, don’t do that but wait for me to come and get you.

The girl did as the deer told her to do. But the dragon passed near the girl, and when she saw her on the top of the oak, she said:

- Why don’t you get down so we can talk or play with each other?

- I won’t get down, I’m afraid you’ll eat me. –the girl said.

The dragon told her not to be scared, and the girl said:

 - Go home once, then come and take me.

The dragon was deceived and went away. Then the girl called the deer:

- Come and take me as soon as possible because a dragon is coming to kill me.

The deer went running to the girl, they set off and they said to any person they met on their way:

‘‘If you see a dragon and if she asks where the deer and the girl went to, don’t tell her anything, tell her the wrong way.’’

They walked for a little while and arrived at the girl’s house, they knocked at the door but the mother didn’t open it.

Then the girl said out loud:

Hey, mother! Open the door! It’s me, your daughter.

After hearing her daughter’s voice, the queen opened the door immediately and became very happy.

After they heard that the queen’s daughter had come back, the countryside girls went to her and said:

Let your daughter come with us and let’s play like before.

And the queen allowed her. The girls went to play in a garden and there was a big iron gate. All of them tried to open it, but it didn’t move at all. But when the queen’s daughter pushed the gate, it was opened immediately and when she got in, the gate was closed and she stayed there. Despite the other girls tried hard to open the door, they couldn’t. So they went to the queen and told the queen the whole story of what happened. The queen heard all the history and began to cry unendingly. After the girt stayed lonely in that strange place, she looked around and to see where she was and saw many people, birds and animals that were made as stones. When she went a little farther, she saw a king that was made as marble and kept a written letter on his hand. The girl approached him and read the letter, which said:

- If any girl stays three days and nights sleepless, I’ll marry her when I wake up.

So the girl stayed next to the king and passed the time sleeplessly by reading different letters. When three days and three nights passed, a man who sold orphan girls went by there. The girl went there and asked how much money did he want for such a girl and he said:

-I’ll take you as much money as you want.

 Then she took out and threw him a shovel full of gold coins and then took down a rope to help the girl hold it and then climb up. After climbing up, the girl said to the orphan:

I’m going to sleep because of  a long time being sleepless, while you are staying awake and when the king wakes up, you are going wake me up, too. After telling all the things that the letter said, she fell asleep. But the orphan girl took her clothes and wore it herself, while she threw her rags to the girl. When the time came, the king woke up and when he saw the orphan girl, he said:

Who are you?

And she replies:

I’m the girl who stayed three days and nights sleepless.

And the king married the orphan girl. When he saw the other girl sleeping, he said:

-Who’s that girl sleeping right there?

-She is an orphan whom I took with me because she is afraid of staying lonely,-the orphan said.

Then the girl woke up and heard the king saying to the orphan:

-What are we supposed to do with this orphan?

-Let’s put her look after the geese.

And so the king did. He put the girl look after the geese and built her a small cabin to live there. And the girl stayed there crying constantly until one day the king asked her:

-What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying every day?

Then she told him all the stay from the beginning till the end. After hearing all these, he realized what the truth was and then he married the girl, while he condemned and killed the orphan.