Once upon a time there was a poor old woman who had a single son and she had always lived trying to save money. Time passed and the boy said to his mother:

I’m leaving to work somewhere else so I could make money and I’ll come back three years later.

Oh no son, I can’t let you go, you’re the only one I have in my life. –the old woman said.

No, mother, I’m leaving, but I will be only three years away. –the boy said.

She knew she couldn’t change his mind and his mum let him go.

The boy set off and went to a foreign country to earn some money, he worked for three years and got three pennies, and as he had promised to his mother, he wanted to go back home after the three years.

On his way back, one night, he was together with his five or six friends, and an old wise man was among them.

As they were walking, the boy asked his friends about what kind of person the old man was and they said:

He sells words for money.

The boy was puzzled and was wondering what words the old man did tell for money.

Despite of not having much money, he took out a penny and gave it to the old man to make him talk and quench his own curiosity.

And the old man told him quietly:

- Don’t you ever go into a turbulent river!

The boy was surprised and said to himself:

- Oh, that doesn’t help me. I’m spending another penny and maybe he tells me not to go home now and go back where I’ve came from.

The boy gave another penny to the old man to make him talk again, so he said:

- Don’t let your wife go to other people’s houses!

 This words sounded good to him despite it did not seem important to him.

- He tried to spend the third penny, the only one left, then he would go back to work again if he had to.

So he gave to the old man his last penny and the last man said:

Never leave other people herd your flock.

He had no pennies left, the boy was wondering where he should go then.

He had fallen into deep thoughts and said:

- I have come so closer to my house, so I’m going to see my dear mother, rest for some days and then set off again.

Walking for a little while, he found himself in front of a river, it had turbulent water and the boy stood there recalling the wise man’s words.

While he was thinking how to cross the river, a man riding a horse came closer, and he had three other horses bound to the horse he was riding. The man was laughing at the boy when he noticed he was afraid of crossing the river. So the man told the boy to keep his other three horses and watch him cross the river. So he spoke to his horse and a few steps later the water sank him.

So the boy kept the three horses, packed with gold, but he didn’t know about that.

He was thinking and then took the way on the right, so he found the bridge to cross the river.

Then the old man’ words came to his mind and he thought that his advices would be very useful and help him.

He got home at night and he knocked at the door, but his mother didn’t want to open it and said:

You’re not my son, he promised me he would come just as the three years would pass, but he didn’t show up.

He insisted a lot, so the old lady was convinced and she opened the door.

Just as he got inside, he unloaded the horses, and he saw that the load was full of gold.

His mother was afraid and didn’t want to keep the gold, but the boy said to calm her down:

We can hide it down in the basement, nobody will find it there.

They did so, then took the horses out of the village and left them somewhere far away. They had the fear that someone could find them and call them thieves.

Even though he was rich, the boy was still humble and his expenses were too small.

Then he constructed the house, bought a mare, got married and had a boy. One day, there was a wedding in the village, he was invited but he didn’t want to go. His mother and his brother-in-law tried to change his mind to let his wife and the baby go at the wedding with them to have fun. But he didn’t listen because he was thinking of the old man’s words: ‘‘Never leave your wife go to other people’s houses’’. Later he was convinced and let them go.

When they were gone, the man wanted to see if this time the old man’s words were true, so he wore like he were someone else and went secretly at the wedding. When he saw his wife dancing, he told a stranger, an old man with torn shoes to go and bring the woman who was dancing in the room. If he could bring her, the man would pay them all very good, even her, her brother and her mother. When they heard that they would get too much money, they sent the woman and her baby at his room.

The woman did not recognize her husband, and a little later she was asleep. Then her husband got up, took the child and secretly turned back home and hid in the basement. The same day, the godmother had taken the mare, which was conceived and had said that she wouldn’t load it that much. But the man had sent a boy to watch her over and see if she would keep her words, but the mare aborted and godmother threw the colt on the street. But the boy took it and gave it to the man, and he hid it in the basement. The next day, when his wife woke up, she noticed that the baby boy was lost trackless. She was thinking what to do, and the only way out was to the burn the room, so when she burned the room and told everyone that her baby boy was burned inside the room and had died, then she went home. When they all were gathered at home, his mother, his wife and godfather, the man was pretending as if he knew nothing and said to his wife to go down to the basement and take some wine. When the woman went to the basement and saw the child down there, he realized that her husband had learned about her betrayal. She was very confused and was afraid to go upstairs. He noticed that the woman was not coming, so he told his mother to go and bring the wine, but when she saw the baby boy in the basement, she was ashamed and she couldn’t go upstairs to. Then he sent the godmother to take the wine. When she went downstairs, she found the dead colt and recollected the things she had done the day before. Then the man went to the basement and beat them so hard, after that he dragged them out of the house. So the man trusted in the old man’s advices and was victorious at the end.