Once upon a time there was a very rich man, who had a wife and a son. At the last moments of his life, his biggest last will for his son was ‘to never go in the land where the Beauty lived’.

He grew up and became a good man, till the day he decided to go to the land where the Beauty lived. He was obsessed to go, despite of the fact that he had promised to his father he wouldn’t do that, and his mother was trying to stop him, too.

Little time passed and he took some gold with him and left. When he reached the village, he met an old lady who told him about the Beauty and how she told the braves to go closer to her, and how she allowed them to see only a finger and took all their gold. After he heard all these words, the boy wanted to go there, it didn’t matter that would spend some of his gold. So he went to her palace, and guards saw his gold and called the Beauty, so she let him in. Once he came in, they let him see only a finger, took his gold and dragged him out.

The Beauty didn’t show herself at once, she showed her finger at first, then her hand and so on.

The boy was very sad that they didn’t leave him see the girl, so he went back to his land to take some more gold with him. His mother tried to change his mind but she understood it was useless because the boy had fallen in love head over heels.  He took more gold this time, and he went and came back again. Once he arrived at the Beauty’s palace, they showed him her hand, took all the gold and threw him out again. Even though the boy was rich, he lost all his gold trying to go and see the Beauty, and he became a poor man at the end. Then he began to dig into his father's things so maybe he could find that do not find anything useful that he could give to the girl. He found a hat and when he put it in his head, he disappeared and his mother could only hear his voice. So he went to the Beauty’s palace, wore his hat and disappeared. He entered the room and began to talk to her, she told him that she loved him so he told her the whole story about the hat, so she took his hat and ordered guards to take him out. The boy was very sad that she threw him out, and returned home disappointed, but all he could think about was only her. He went one day into his father’s room, and found a jar of clay, and when he blew to clean the dust, in front of him appeared too many soldiers and all of them said, "Lord, tell us what to do, and we will fulfill everything you wish ". The boy was very surprised and got ready to reach the girl that he loved so much.

He went to the old lady’s house and told her to go and say to the Beauty to wait for him. Just as the old woman began to speak, the Beauty ordered her guards to throw her out. The old woman went back to the boy and told him about what happened, but he begged her to go and tell the Beauty again that she should wait for boy, whether she liked it or not. The old lady felt sorry for the boy who had fallen so badly in love, and she liked the gold he gave to her too, so she went again to the palace. But the Beauty saw her, she ordered the guards to beat her, and throw her out. When the old woman came back home and told the boy what had happened, he realized that this thing would not become better. The boy called his soldiers and they surrounded the girl’s palace, then he sent the old lady again to tell her that she should let him in, otherwise they would all attack the palace and destroy it. Then the girl was frightened and gave order to let him in and honor him. When the boy went inside, he said to the Beauty he would send her out in the desert because she had made him suffer a lot. Humiliated, she apologized and he forgave her. And as soon as they made peace with each other, the boy trusted her and told her about the army’s secret. The girl took his jar, so the soldiers were under her orders right then and there. She noticed that, so she ordered them to take the boy and send him to a distant desert. He was so upset and lonely in that wilderness, without food and without water, the boy began to walk away so he could find anything to eat and drink. He so somewhere red grapes and once he ate some of them, two horns came out of his forehead.  The boy was so mad with this and he walk for a little while, and he found white grapes. When ate some of the white grapes, the horns disappeared at once. Then he realized he just had to eat red grapes to have the horns and the white ones to make them disappear. All the boy could think about was the Beauty and he thought to give her red grapes, and then heal her giving the white grapes.

 He was sure that this time he would make her love him. Very quickly, he filled two baskets with grapes, one with the red grapes and the other one with white grapes and took the way back to the girl’s palace. The road was very long because he was in the desert. He could reach the village after he had passed through a lot of pain. Once the guards noticed that someone had come to sell grapes, they ran to take some of them for the girl because at that time they couldn’t find grapes easily. So the Beauty bought grapes but told the housemaid to keep them. The housemaid made her mouth-water and she took a berry, ate it, so a horn came out of her forehead. She didn’t understand how it came out, and she didn’t go out of the room feeling very bad about that. When the Beauty asked her to send the grapes, she sent them with another servant.

The girl like them so much that she ate all the grapes, but a little later her face and her head was full of horns. Days passed and she wasn’t healing, so she asked for a doctor, and before they visited her she said: ‘‘if you don’t cure me, you are dead ’’. She didn’t want them to see her that way, so she sent them to see the housemaid, and if they could cure the girl, they could cure her too.

The boy had spread rumors that he was a very good doctor, so he waited for the moment they would call him. So, to make the girl suffer more, he went away for a long time.

One day, the boy had worn beautiful clothes and went to the Beauty’s palace. The guards said that if he did not heal the girl he would be beheaded, he accepted the conditions and at first entered the maid’s room. The boy had taken the white grapes with him, had made a juice with them and when he gave that to the maid to drink, the horn disappeared instantly. When the Beauty learned about what had happened she told her guards to bring him inside and begged the doctor to heal her. Before the boy tried to heal her, he said that she must tell everything about the gold and all the other things that had taken from the boy. She told him about everything but faked she had forgotten about the hat. Then the boy said:

It seems that you have forgotten to tell me about something else.

But the girl turned back all the things she had taken from him, so he gave her the juice to drink. The boy blew to the jar and the soldiers came out, then he said to the Beauty:

Now you’re in the palm of my hand and cannot escape from me. I'm the boy you have tortured for so long. And as if all the things you did were not enough, you also sent me into the desert. But now I turned back and took anything that was mine, and you will come with me at my village and you will become my wife.

Then he gave orders to the soldiers to take her and the entire palace and bring her with them in his village. When his mother saw both him and the Beauty, and all that fortune, she was very surprised but also happy. They had a big wedding and lived happy forever.