Once upon a time there was a man whom God gave a prodigious son. He was so uncommon that three day after his birth he seemed like he was three years old, and twenty days later he seemed like he was twenty years old. After a little while, he became well-known all around the country. He was so famous that the stars’ king and the fishes’ king came to see him. The boy got bored living in that faraway village and he said to his father:

- Dear father, I cannot stay here anymore, so I have decided to travel around the world.

His father didn’t feel good about this, but he understood he couldn’t do anything about this, so he gave him permission to leave. On his way, the boy met with the stars’ king, who said: - Have a nice trip, you good brave man!

 -The same to you, - the boy said and asked him: - Where are you going, Your Majesty?

The king looked him straight in the eye and said: - I’m going to a small village to meet with Petrit.

Then the boy said he was Petrit, and the king turned to him: - I wanted to meet you because I want you to become my brother.

Petrit accepted, thus they became brothers and exchanged one flower with each other, and if this flower would wither anytime, it showed that  one of the brothers would be in danger, and the other one must go to help. Then they parted from each other and went on their own ways. After a little while, Petrit met with the king of fishes and after being greeted with other, they decided to become brothers too, exchanged one flower and then went on their own ways.

He walked for a while when he met with an old woman, who said that in a building not away from there was the Beauty and a strong man safeguarding her. But before entering the palace he had to face six dragons at the entrance, or the six others which were on the other side, and didn’t leave anyone man to pass. Petrit didn’t freak out of the words the old woman said, he put his bag on his shoulder and took off. When he reached the place where the dragons were staying, they instantly rushed all at once to attack him, but with a real bravery Petrit threw his large duffel bag and cut all the dragon heads. He took the way to the palace, which was so much high that from the top of it you could see the road two days away. The Beauty saw Petrit and warned the brave man that someone was coming right to the palace, but he didn’t listen to her because he thought there was no one who could run through the dragons. But she cried out and said:

- If you do not believe me, come and look at him with your eyes!

The brave went at the window, and saw that Petrit getting closer the palace, then he said to himself:

- Are my eyes lying?! How did the dragons leave him pass?!

When Petrit approached palace, the brave came down very fast and started shouting: -Aa..aa..ha!

And the ground sucked Petrit up to the knee. The brave didn’t stop shouting and Petrit was sucked from the ground up to his hips, and after a little while, he sank up to the neck. But when the brave took a deep breath and got ready to yell for the last time to sink him once and for all, Petrit picked up his powers, shook up the ground and came up to the surface. Without wasting time and with a great speed, he beheaded the brave. When she realized his strength, the beauty of the earth said:

- With that strength that you have, I cringe and I will be your wife.

Then they made a big wedding and lived happy loving each other. A little time passed, and a bad witch began to visit the Beauty every day, and tried to get the information about how her husband did get that power. But whenever she asked her husband, he never showed his mystery. Then the witch taught the girl a trick and instructed her that before going to sleep, she should lay under the mattress some pie noodles. The night came, Petrit and the Beauty went to sleep, but the noodles under the bed began to dry and snap. Then Petrit asked the woman: - What is this noise?

And the Beauty said: - Those are my bones that are crumbling little by little, only because you do not tell me where your soul is and does all that power come from.

Petrit felt so bad that he told her that his power came from always carrying bags with him, which were made of sheepskin. When he fell asleep, the witch and the Beauty took the bag and threw it in the sea. Since that moment Petrit had no more power and was found dead out of hand. They lit two candles, one at his head and the other at his toes, which according to custom should be burning down forty days later, then they would bury him. But at the moment Petrit was gathered, the flowers lost their freshness, and the two kings set off without wasting time to find and rescue him. When they met the old woman who told Petrit about the house, they found out where he was and went to the place where they found their brother already dead. Once they saw him, they knew that he needed the bag, and the stars’ king ordered the stars to look down in the earth, while the fishes’ king ordered the fishes to look over the seas. In a second, as the fishes looked over the sea, they found it, and brought it to the king. The king took the bag and put it at Petrit’s arm, and he got up at once rubbing his eyes, and said: - I have slept for so long!

But when he saw the candles’ flames and his brothers next to him, he realized at once what had happened but didn’t tell anyone. He got up and cut off his wife’s and witch’s heads. Then he took all the fortune he found in the palace and returned with his brothers to his father's village.