Once upon a time there was a peasant who had an old donkey that was so old that he couldn’t do anything. So he thought to slaughter the donkey and make a drum with his skin. But the donkey noticed his master’s attention one day, so at the first moment the master wasn’t at home, he went outside and fled. He had walked for a while when he met a dog in the street and said: - Why are you so upset?

The dog instantly said: - My owner wanted to throw me in a hole with the dogs, but I ran away from home before he could do that, and now I don’t know where to go.

When the dog finished talking, the donkey said: - Come with me to travel around the world and you will not regret it.

The dog was flattered that the donkey invited him, so he accepted at once, and without wasting time they set off. After a while they met a cat who was sitting next to a fence. The donkey asked: -Hey you cat, what are you doing there?

And the cat replied: - My owner noticed that I can’t catch mice anymore, so he wanted to get me into a sack and throw me in the river, so I ran away from home.

Donkey heard until she finished talking and said: - Come with us and from now on you will not have the fear that someone may hurt you.

The cat agreed to join them and the three of them, the donkey, dog and cat began the long way. On their way, on the top of a tree, they saw a rooster singing. The donkey, as the eldest that he was, spoke and said: - Why have you gone up to the top of the tree, dear rooster?

The rooster replied: - My owner noticed that I had become so fat that he wanted to cut my head and roast me on Sunday for lunch. But I found out the truth and left immediately until I came here where you see me. Now I am sitting here and wonder what I will do.

The donkey heard and said: - We would suffer the same destiny as you, so we ran away and decided to go around the world. If you want to join us, come, and you will not regret.

So, all of them took the long way around the world. They walked and walked till the night fell   and they stopped in the middle of a forest. The cat said: - What are we supposed to do now?

Then the donkey told the rooster:

- Go up to the top of the tree and try to find a place where there’s still a little light.

The rooster went to the top of the tree and said to his friends down: - I can see a candle not far from here.

And the donkey said to his companions: - Let’s go there so maybe we may find something to eat and some place to sleep.

They set off again and walked for a little while, so they could get closer the house. When they tried to see what was inside the house, they saw some butchers who were eating and drinking and talking for fun with each other. The donkey turned to his friends and said:

- We’ll begin to sing all together, so maybe they will freak out and run away. So, we can have all that food on the table.

Then the dog jumped on the donkey’s back, the cat on the dog’s back and the rooster on the cat’s back. When the donkey waved his ears, they started to scream and sing all together with all the power they had: the donkey heehawed, the dog barked, the cat meowed and the rooster crowed. When the butchers heard the noise, they couldn’t understand what it was and where it came from, so they freaked out and ran away  to the forest as they were all lunatic .When they saw there was nobody inside the house, the donkey, dog, cat and rooster went inside, sat at the table and ate whatever they wanted . They made a pig of themselves and went to fall asleep. The rooster went to the stock, the cat laid on the fire-place, the donkey stood in the hallway, while the dog slept near the door. But at midnight, one of the butchers who was the bravest of all, stood up and said to his friends who were still trembling with fear:

- I will run to the house to see who frightened us!

And so he went slowly and managed to enter the house quietly. But it was so dark in there so he could see nothing but two little lights that appeared in the fireplace. Then he approached and began to blow, but the cat felt that he was blowing in her eyes, so she took out her paws and scratched his face with all the power she had. The butcher was terrified and tried to run away from the house, but just as he got in the hallway he bumped into the donkey, which gave him a strong kick and threw him at the door, where the dog that gave bit him…..

….when he went to the yard he heard the rooster crowing terribly loudly. He finally went to his friends, but whacked and terrified. He told his friends:

- The demons have haunted that house, so it would be better for us to never get back there. Unless I had escaped, they would have ripped me out!

From that day on, the donkey, dog, cat and rooster, became the owners of the house and they lived happily for many years.