Once upon a time there was a horse which was fed up with people, because they beat and packed him heavily. So the horse made up his mind to escape and rescue himself. He said to himself:

- Why should I stay here with these? So they can beat me? Can I endure this violence anymore just for a bite? Wherever I go I’ll find something to eat, the fields are full of grass!

That’s what the horse thought and fled from his master. He went to the fields and wherever he had wanted. Several days later he met with a fox. She asked him where he was going and the horse replied:

- To tell the truth, my dear, I was exasperating and escaped from the people who beat me just for fun.

Then fox said:

- You’ve done the right thing, because people are really evil. Me to have never had a single happy moment near them, they never leave me alone. They chase me because they want to kill me and they say that they like my fur.

The horse said:

- I saw ladies wearing your fur around their necks, but I don’t know if lords do that too.

Fox said:

- I know that this is true, my dear friend. I will join you right now.

- You can come only if you want to be my friend. -he said.

So they both took off. The next morning, the horse and the fox saw a wolf, and they tried to hide from him but he saw them, approached and asked:

- Where are you going like this, my friends?

The horse told him they had fled from their masters, because they were terrified and they would like to never see them again. Then the wolf said:

- You are so right. People have become even worse than before. Just a few minutes ago two shepherds were trying to kill me. Ask me why? Just because of a petty thing. I wanted to steal a sheep. Poor me, what can I do if they don’t give me something to eat? Should I die of hunger. If it were for the shepherds, they wouldn’t even let me live. So I think I should come and join you.

After they heard his story, the horse said:

- As you wish! You just have to be faithful and not go back on us.

- What are you saying, my friend! –the wolf said.

So the horse, fox and wolf became best friends and moved on. When it got darker, they arrived at a field where the grass came up to their knees. Horse rejoiced and said:

- Let’s take place and spend the night here.

But the fox and the wolf didn’t like that because they didn’t see anything to eat there and persuaded the horse to go to the woods. The horse agreed, and followed them because he couldn’t part from his friends, but they found nothing in the forest to eat. They spent the night with hope that something would come up the next morning, but the next day came and went and still there was nothing to feed them. Meanwhile they began to hunger and their stomachs were gurgling. Finally, the wolf said:

- I think have we don’t have a way to escape, the only option is to eat any one of us.

After he said these words, he winked at the fox for the horse. Then the fox respired and said:

- Wolf is right, we have no other way. It is better that one of us dies than three.

The poor horse who wasn’t getting the trick, said:

- How can we eat each other, we are like brothers now?!

But the wolf didn’t give up his thought and said:

- I think the one who should be eaten is the youngest. We all should tell how old we are.

As a cunning that fox was, she said,

- Oh, you’re so right. Why do not you say it first? How old are you?

The wolf had planned everything and said:

- As you wish. So that you can find out how old I am I will tell just that, when Adam and Eve were married, they invited me to the wedding and ate till I overfed.

Fox began giggling when she heard the wolf lie and said:

- Oh my dear friends, while I’m as old as when Noah built the boat to save living beings from the flood, I helped him by bringing the planks and we sailed together.

The horse found himself very uncomfortable in this, so he wondered if he could find a lie to rescue himself. At the time he was trying to find a solution, the wolf said:

- Hey you, dear horse, why don’t you tell us how old you are?

Harden began to stutter and said that he "didn’t know". Fox said:

- How come you don’t know! There is no one on this earth who doesn’t know how old he is.

The horse said that she was right, but he didn’t remember. At that moment the wolf said:

- You’d better tell us, don’t leave us wait. We told you, now it’s your turn to tell us.

The horse couldn’t tell them because he didn’t remember, and the wolf told him to try again to remember that. Horse pretended he was thinking and said:

- I swear that I do not remember, but if you definitely want to know how old I am, you can see that written on the shoes at my hind legs.

Wolf as there jumped with joy. He jumped to his feet and said:

- So tell us, my friend, we waited for too long. Lift your legs so I can take a look.

Horse then lifted one of his back feet and just when he saw that the wolf was getting closer, he kicked him in the jaw with all the power he had. Wolf fell down, but the horse didn’t leave him breathe nor stand.

He gave some other kicks until he saw that the wolf had died. Then he turned to the fox and said angrily:

- What about you fraudulent lady, do you want some good kicks?

Fox was terrified and said trembling:

- Why are you angry with me? It’s not my fault! You told him to join us and made friends with him, I didn’t tell you to take him with us.

Then the horse reflected and remembered that it was nobody’s but his fault for trusting the wolf. Therefore he didn’t hurt the fox and let her free.